How to reset your Gmail Password?

It is recommended that you update your Gmail password frequently to keep your personal correspondence private. Even if you follow these steps, you may find that you forget your password from time to time due to frequent changes.

The fact that Gmail makes it so easy to change your password is a bonus as long as you can remember what your current password is. If you can’t do that, you should pray to be able to remember your recovery data.

If you have lost or forgotten your Gmail password and want to reset your password, you can easily do so using your phone number.

Steps to Change Your Gmail Password on Your Desktop

  1. Sign in to Gmail in your browser
  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click the “Google Account” button in the box that opens in the upper-right corner of your inbox. This will take you to your Google Account Settings page:
  4. Click “Security” – it’s the fourth version of the left sidebar. This takes you to the “Security” page.
  5. The second box at the top is titled “Sign in to Google.” Click the “Password” option in this box.
  6. Google will now ask you to enter your current password. Simply enter your current password in the field Click “Next”. If you don’t know your password, click “Forgot Password.” Follow Google’s instructions to reset your login. information through your backup email account
  7. If your login is successful, you will be taken to the “Password” page where you will need to enter and confirm your new password. Choose one of at least eight characters strong using a combination of numbers, letters, and punctuation marks. Remember. Do not use explicit passwords, such as a pet’s name, date of birth, or passwords used on other sites.
  8. When you are satisfied with your new password, click “Change Password”.

Congratulations: You’re done. You have successfully reset your Gmail password. Remember to repeat this process at least once a year for optimal email security.

You just changed your Gmail account password Your new password is stored securely in the Sticky Password database.

Use “Sticky Password” when changing the password for any of your accounts to keep all your passwords strong.

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