How to Resolve Avast Blocking Internet Access

Avast antivirus is a globally known program that provides various advanced tools for device and network security. When the user installs the Avast program on the computer, it starts to create a protective layer and protects the system from all threats. But many times, users complain that Avast antivirus is blocking internet access. Your security program will block the network when the incoming traffic is malicious. But when your antivirus is blocking the safe data packets then you have to check your antivirus. Sometimes the antivirus blocks the safe data when the user has made some invalid changes or some error on the program.

Check the incoming data traffic

Whenever the Avast antivirus blocks the network; check the site you are accessing. The firewall blocks the internet connection when the user is accessing insecure data. When you click on the URL and it seems malicious; the firewall of your Avast antivirus blocks the network immediately. It won’t allow the URL to load on the browser for preventing threats. Whenever your antivirus shows an internet error then inspect the website or link you are accessing. Reopen browser and tap on another link. Check whether your internet is working on the system or not.

Disable the firewall

The firewall can sometimes misjudge the secure data as malicious and blocks the network. When the user is sure that the incoming data traffic is fully secure but the firewall is still blocking the web then disable it. 

  1. Close the web browser and other programs on the system
  2. Open the Avast antivirus dashboard
  3. Tap on the Protection tab
  4. Choose the firewall option
  5. Hit on the green button
  6. Now you have to set the time duration for disabling the firewall
  7. Choose the time duration 

Tap on the OK button and the firewall of your Avast will get disabled. Now reopen the web browser and now try to access the site. If the internet access error was appearing due to the firewall then disabling it will fix it immediately.

Update your Avast antivirus 

Your Avast antivirus can start showing the internet access error when the setup is outdated. Users have to update the setup to Avast free stop pop ups and troubleshooting internet errors. Your antivirus usually updates the setup automatically but if the auto-update is disabled or you have a low disk error then you have to update it manually. Open the settings on Avast antivirus. Click on Menu and then hit the Update option. Your antivirus will start updating; restart it. Again, open your web browser and try to access the internet.

Update your internet browser

Your antivirus can show the internet access error repeatedly when your internet browser is outdated. Keeping the internet browser outdated is very dangerous. Threats can easily enter the system. Whenever cybercriminals try to enter the system, your antivirus starts blocking it. Your error won’t be fixed until you update the web browser. Open settings and then inspect for the new update. If the new update appears for the browser then install it on the system. Reopen the browser and update it and now you can surf the internet without any error. 

Try disabling Avast web shield

Avast premium plan offers the web shield which filters the malicious sites on the web. Sometimes, the web shield blocks the network. You can disable the Avast web shield for troubleshooting the error.

  1. Open the Avast antivirus dashboard
  2. Chooses Avast protection
  3. Tap on the Customize
  4. Hit on the Web Shield
  5. Uncheck the Enable HTTP scanning box

Hit on the OK button and close the Avast antivirus dashboard. Now reopen the web browser and check your internet connection.

Repair the Avast Program

Your Avast antivirus can get into error when some of the files of the setup get corrupted. You have to repair the Avast files for fixing the error.

Open the system with Admin credentials

  1. If you have installed another security program then uninstall it
  2. Go to the Apps folder and choose Avast 
  3. Tap on User Access Control and hit on Tes button
  4. Select the repair option

After repairing the program, click on the Done button. Restart the computer and open the web browser. Surf the internet and check for the error. 


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