How to Resolve If Facebook Notification Is Not Working?

Operating Facebook is very easy, and through notification, you can get updates on every activity. Depending on the platform, there are different types of notifications like push, email, or red alert. With these alerts, you will know whether you have received any message or friend request or when someone has commented on your post.

Sometimes you might encounter problem where Facebook notifications not working. So, to resolve the issue, here are some of the solutions.

Methods To Resolve If Facebook Notifications Aren’t Working

  1. Notification Should Be Turned On

There might be chances that your notifications are turned off because of any bug caused by any app or other reason. To turn it on in an IOS device, enable “allow notifications.” You should go to “application manager” in settings for Android users and then tap on “Notification” on Facebook.

Turn Notification On and Off

  • On the upper right corner, click on the upside-down triangle and then go to settings.
  • On the left menu, go to notifications.
  • Now, you can turn on the notifications for all activities. These activities are birthdays, comments, reminders, tags, etc.
  1. Check Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode enables data restriction, or any third-party battery saving app can lead to Facebook behave unexpectedly. If you install the third-party software or how to delete Facebook account and download it again, Facebook will start functioning correctly.

  1. Reinstall 

For Android users, in the upper left corner, drag the app to the trash bin. And, download it again from Play Store.

For IOS users, tap and hold down on the Facebook app. When your app icon shakes, tap on the “X” button and click “delete.” Download it again from the App Store.

The above mentioned are the solutions to the problem. You can use these methods in case your Facebook notifications are not working.

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