How to Setup the QuickBooks desktop for the First Time?

Setting up the QuickBooks desktop for the first time is really easy. When you buy any of the QuickBooks software, you will get a voucher or even an email on how to activate your license key for this software. This license key includes many things such as a number of users, product keys and others related features (which we won’t discuss in this article). You can just copy and paste your license key into that field provided.

Here are the Steps to Setup QuickBooks desktop for the first time:

First of all you have to instal QuickBooks on your computer. After installing the QuickBooks desktop, you should open it and connect it with your bank account so that it can synchronize all information of your transactions. It means that every transaction will be available on both sides: QuickBooks Desktop Edition and the financial institution side. Actually, if your online banking system has the capacity to export transactions to CSV files then you don’t need a QuickBooks desktop.

You should also create your user access before doing anything else after installing the software. If you are using more than one computer at home, then you can register for another license key of QuickBooks Desktop so that you can use multiple computers on the same time.

The last thing is to enter your company information or business name in order for QuickBooks to activate its features properly. Everything is done! You just set up the QuickBooks Desktop Edition without any problem!

Some users may have error 3371 while installing QuickBooks desktop especially if they did not put the correct details into some fields during the registration process. Therefore, there are two possible reasons why people have this errors:

First: Unfortunately, the files and folders required to run QuickBooks were damaged. As a result error code 3371 popped up on the screen when you tried launching it for the first time since this happened.

Second: When QB registration.dat is damaged, it causes errors in the software that can’t be resolved without replacing this file with its original copy from Microsoft Studios Club 2009.

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