How to Stay Organized as a Work From Home Freelancer

Ever since the onset of the global pandemic in March of 2020, countless employers allowed their employees to work from home. Ultimately, this led many people to shift the way they viewed work in relation to the other areas of life.


More people are looking for autonomy and flexibility as they pursue lucrative opportunities. Freelancing continues to stand as one of the most ideal ways to develop flexibility and more. However, it requires a certain level of discipline and organization.


If you’re in learning the ropes of how to freelance from home, consider the following ways you can remain organized.

1. Maintain a Designated Workspace

If you’re constantly working in new spaces on a daily basis, this can get a little chaotic. It’s best to find a spot in your home that’s solely dedicated to working. Whether it’s a small desk in a spare closet or a basement that’s transformed into an office, create an area where you can set up shop as a freelancer.


If you’re going to be sitting for a significant amount of time, support your back and your body by investing in a comfortable desk chair. Decorate the area with a few pieces of artwork or inspirational quotes. When you make the area look attractive, it’s going to become easier to stay and get work done.

2. Declutter

Most good cooks admit that it’s very difficult to cook in a dirty kitchen. It’s hard to focus or feel good about the masterpiece they’re creating. The same holds true when it’s time to get work done. If your workspace is cluttered, it’s harder to focus. When it’s within your purview, make sure it’s clean and decluttered.


This means that even though the nearby bookshelf might be filled with paperwork and books from college, the doctor’s visits, and those PTA flyers, their cluttered appearance can negatively impact your workflow. In your quest to learn how to be more organized at work, create piles in order to determine what you need to keep, throw away or recycle.


Be vigilant in this area on a regular basis to avoid the collection of clutter. Take it a step further by developing rituals around the avoidance of clutter. When you visit the company mailbox, create a routine that allows you to immediately throw away the junk mail. Bring the important papers to your office, and store them in the appropriate places.

3. Create Assigned Spaces

An office requires office supplies, folders, and more. Instead of thinking you can just sort through necessities as you purchase them, it’s better to keep a running inventory list of what you have, where it goes, and what you need to stock up on.


Use labels on folders in order to keep track of where certain papers, receipts, and invoices go. Purchase drawers for office supplies such as pens, highlighters, and printer ink. Once a week, go through your office to see what you still need to stock up on.


If something’s not in use for a long time, recycle it. Try to maintain a paperless office in order to reduce your carbon footprint. It’ll also help you develop less clutter.

4. Keep Running Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Calendars

Calendars are important because they help you keep track of everything you need in order to remain successful. One of the reasons why many people get disorganized is due to forgetfulness.


Eliminate that factor by writing everything down. Set due dates for different tasks. At the end of each month, create a list of tasks you need to take care of by the end of the following month. Look at that list daily in order to keep yourself on track.


A daily planner can serve as your daily calendar. As you write and track down everything you need to do, it’ll be much easier to remain efficient and organized.


When you work from home, you’re going to face a ton of challenges that come along with that flexibility. The main challenge will be the fight to remain disciplined. While it’s important to set plans, it’s even more important to follow through on those plans.


The only true way to do this is by remaining disciplined and focus. When you remain organized, you set yourself up for success because a disorganized space can manifest in a disorganized mind, workflow, and more. By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to stay organized and watch your freelancing plans flourish.


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  1. Many people think that freelancing is an easy job, as we are our own boss. But, I think it is a full-time job and more as you have to manage everything yourself without any help. The tips you have mentioned here can come really in handy as a working freelancer. The CV creator near me also suggests doing these things to maintain a proper management of work.


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