How to Stay Safe While Camping

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that brings the whole family together. Whether you’re staying in a camper or a tent, it’s important to keep your family safe during your adventure. Keep these essential safety tips in mind to keep your trip as safe and fun as possible.

Be aware of your surroundings.

If you’re camping in a state park, arrive during the day and set up camp when you have clear visibility around you. It’s important to know nearby landmarks and to ensure you’re not too close to other campers. 

If you’re camping at a campground, have an idea of what your neighbors look like and the site’s safety precautions. They may have streetlights along the main strip or emergency protocol instructions. While camping can be a fun activity that takes you out of your comfort zone, it’s still important to be aware of your surroundings.

Bring the right supplies.

Packing the right supplies can minimize injuries and keep you prepared during an emergency. Bring along a first aid kit as well as disinfectant and sanitizer. Younger children may be prone to putting things in their mouths or eating directly from the picnic table. Pack extra clothes and blankets in case it gets colder than expected. 

You’ll also need a fire extinguisher for the campfire. Preparing for any vacation can be a hassle when considering the necessary amount of packing. However, preparing ahead of the trip for unforeseeable events will keep your family safe and secure.

Plan for the weather.

The weather can dramatically change over just a few hours. You may have packed swimming clothes and shorts only to arrive and find the weather has dropped 20 degrees lower than expected. Knowing the forecast will tell you when to break out the tarps and when to move to a safer location until the clouds clear up. Thunderstorms and wind storms can be dangerous when you’re outside. Taking precautions to keep your family and belongings safe will make the vacation easier and protect you from harm.

Know where you’re camping.

Every campground is different in its rules and protocols. You may not be able to bring or use certain outside items. The site may have restrictions on the firewood you bring in case it contains an invasive species that can affect the local wildlife. The campground may also restrict access to a variety of on-site recreational activities like swimming once the sun sets. These rules are often in place to keep campers safe during their trip. You may face fines or legal action if you disobey the campground’s rules. It’s your responsibility to follow all guidelines for the safety of your family and the local environment.

Prepare for potential wildlife encounters.

Camping allows your family to explore the outdoors and witness local wildlife in its natural habitat. When camping in Mississippi, for example, you have access to acres of beautiful forest rich in gorgeous sights and animals. While enjoying the many local activities like laying out under the stars, hiking, and fishing, you don’t want to be caught off-guard by a dangerous snake or pack of coyotes. Call the park rangers ahead of your trip to inquire about any recent sightings in the area and what to bring to ward off hazardous encounters.

Understand your limits.

You’re likely going to push yourself past your usual limits when you go camping. You may feel exhausted after a busy day of setting up camp or running around after your children and loved ones. Give yourself plenty of breaks and time to rest during the day. Ensure everyone is staying fully hydrated and protected from the sun. 

While you may have planned a full itinerary of activities, having fun and staying safe should be your priority. You may miss a few activities because the family needs to rest. As long as everyone is having a good time, consider your camping adventure an overall success.


Make amazing summer memories by taking your family camping. There are many excellent campgrounds and state parks available for campers throughout the year. By practicing safety and planning before your trip, you can ensure your family stays safe and has an excellent time.

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