How to Take Care of Your Face in winters?

The cool icy weather is here and so is the time of dull and lazy days that make your skin itchy, dry, and pale. It’s okay if you want to stay in your warm blankets and watch your favourite Netflix series, but don’t neglect to take care of your face from the harsh weather. Your facial skin is a bit more sensitive, and can easily get damaged with exposure to pollution, chemicals, and changing weather. Luckily, by taking a little time and effort from your busy schedule, you can take care of your face and get the winter glow you deserve.

5 Simple Skin-Care Tips for winters

Read and practice the below-listed simple ways to take care of your face and deal with the harsh icy winds of winter.

1.      Moisturize Your Skin

Though it may seem difficult to frequently moisturize your skin when the temperature drops, it’s the key to take care of your face and get the glow you ever wished. Moisturising in winters is necessary to keep your skin hydrated and make sure that your face will not lose its natural oil. Some natural face moisturizers are castor oil, cucumbers, buttermilk and coconut oil, etc.

2.      Exfoliate for Excellent Skin

No matter how much thicker cleaners and scrubs you include in your winter-care routine, your extra dry skin still needs to get treated with a great quality exfoliator. It is one of the essential yet the most underrated tip to take care of your face in winters. To buy the best quality exfoliator is not a big deal. You can easily buy them from any well-known online shopping store at great prices. Not only exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells but also regenerates the new ones. Keep in mind that the excessive use of an exfoliator is not good and can harm your skin too sometimes.

3.      Use a Mild Cleanser

Ditch your summer skincare routine and switch to gentle and creamy face cleaners when the winters arrive. In the chillier weather, using a hard cleanser on your face can make your skin even worst rather than making it glow. By opting for a milder cleanser that is weakly acidic, will not only prevent your face from drying but also maintain your skin’s pH level too.

4.      Eat Healthy Food

As the colder weather makes you more craved to eat dry fruits and other fatty items, it may actually dry up your skin. Most diet experts recommend eating a diet in winter that includes walnuts, avocados, papaya, banana, olive oil, etc. These fruits are jam-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidant properties required to keep your facial skin hydrated. You may easily get attracted to get one more glass of wine or your favourite coffee in winters, however, it’s not a wise idea. Avoid overdoing caffeine and wine, as they cause dehydration in your skin.

5.      Hydrate Your Skin Enough

During winters, you all may avoid drinking too much water and feel less thirsty. The fact is, you lose water in winters from your body in so many ways without even realizing. This results in making your skin dry. Therefore, it’s vital to load your body with at least eight glasses of water per day in harshly cool weather. Implementing this tip will ensure you will not have to worry about dry skin. If you feel less likely to drink this much water, try to meet your water needs in other ways, such as eating fresh fruits and vegetables. This is one of the cheap yet the best ways to take care of your face in winters.

6.      Sunscreen is Not Just for summers

Most of you may think that to use sunscreen only on burning hot days. However, getting out by applying sunscreen on your face is as important in winters as it is in summers. While going out of your home, make sure to cover your face, neck, and heads, and other parts that may get exposed directly to ultraviolet rays and apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection. Don’t compromise on the quality while buying a sunscreen. As it’s the matter of your face, you just need to apply something that doesn’t harm your face skin. Though the sunscreens from well-known cosmetic brands are a bit more pricy, you can browse and use online discount codes to reduce your charges.

7.      Replenish Your Skin at Night

Want to get glowing skin in winters? Don’t miss refilling it at night when you are taking a rest of at least 5 to 6 hours. Before you go to bed in winters, pamper your face with moisturizing oils, so you awake a beautiful skin the next morning.  

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin

Lucky you are to take care of your face by learning the winter care tips from experts. Implementing the above-listed winter skincare habits are super easy and you are sure to get glowing and soft skin.

Happy winters!

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