How to Take Care of Your Harley Davidson?

Owning a Harley Davidson is a special feeling. When you own this bike, you are owning the legacy of the brand. The brand is known for making bikes that last forever. Well, no bike lasts forever but you know what we mean. This bike will never trouble you if you properly take care of it. This brings to the question of the Harley Davidson motorcycle service and how to take care of your Harley Davidson.

Just to inform our readers who are planning to buy a Harley Davidson bike that the brand offers you a limited warranty coverage period of two years on unlimited mileage. You can drive your bike 100,000 miles and still have warranty protection as long as it’s within 24 months of the original purchase date from authorized dealerships.

So in this post, we will answer a few important questions related to the service and care of Harley Davidson.


How to take care of your Harley Davidson?

Like any regular bike, in the end, Harley Davidson is also a machine. So, you need to keep doing everything you need to do to take care of a regular bike if not more.


Change engine oil

The very basic first step is to change the engine oil of your Harley every 5000 miles. This is what is recommended by the service manual, but many Harley riders follow the every 3000-mile rule. The basic reasoning behind that is they say that if you take care of your Harley, your Harley will take care of you. But actually, it is based on science. You do not ride your Harley in the manner the service manual is created for. So, it is good to be on the safer side.     


Pay attention to the air filter

The air filter is a very small component, but it does a great deal of work. The air filter is the one that keeps all the dirt out of your engine. Usually, it is recommended to change the air filter of your Harley every 10000 miles. Rest, it is a good idea to ask your technician for the inspection of the air filter whenever you take your Harley for routine service.


Change the coolant

The coolant is another very important basic motorcycle service and maintenance task of your Harley, and most people forget about it. It keeps your engine away from overheating. You need to change the coolant of your Harley every two years or 24000 miles.

It is very important to note that all of these requirements are general requirements. Harley has a diverse range of models. Your service manual is your prime guide and your mechanic who tells you what are the modifications you need to make in the recommendations made by the service manual based on your riding style.


Keep your chain clean

Once you take care of the above three things, now comes the less important tasks that can lead to little big troubles later. Keep your chain clean. To clean your chains, all you need to do is take a brush and clean the excessive dirt. The chain does not require frequent cleaning as the other parts do like the body of the bike, but you should clean it regularly and lube it.


Clean your bike regularly

It is your Harley and it is your choice of how you want to keep it. Regularly clean your Harley to keep it aesthetically good. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while cleaning your Harley:

Use the appropriate cleaning products

Use the right tools, brushes, and method

Make sure the bike is cool before you start cleaning

If you do the above five things, much of your Harley bike care will be completed. 



Is it safe to visit the local mechanic for Harley Davidson service, maintenance, and repair?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit a local mechanic. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to visit a certified, expert, and experienced mechanic. There are many independent Harley motorcycle service shops in the USA that are run by technicians who have experience and factory training at Harley-Davidson dealerships.

If you are looking for a Harley-Davidson service, repair, and maintenance shop in Alvin, TX, you can visit Jim’s Motorcycle Service. He is a trusted, specialized, master Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Technician with over 20 years of factory training and dealership experience.     


Are Harley parts easily available?

Yes, Harley parts are easily available across the USA. You can easily buy replacement parts from dealerships and authorized centers. They are available in the market too.


How do you compare the cost of service of a dealership with an independent mechanic?

For the first two years of the warranty, it is a good idea to visit the dealership for the service repair and maintenance. But after that dealership will cost you far higher than the independent Harley mechanic. So, it is good to switch to an expert mechanic.         


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