How To Throw An Unforgettable Backyard Barbecue Cookout For Your Family

Are you thinking of throwing a family get-together after a long time of not seeing everyone in person? A backyard barbecue is a good way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Here’s what you need to know to organize one:

Prepare the ingredients in advance.

What are some of your family’s most favorite barbecue foods? Make a list of things that you plan to serve, such as meat, vegetables, bread and rolls, condiments, sides and desserts. Do not forget to get bottled water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages, too. At least one day before the big event, do your grocery shopping to give yourself enough time to cut, chop, slice, marinate, and do the other necessary preparations.

Set up the barbecue area.

Decide where to set up your outdoor cooking area. If you have a portable grill, avoid placing it under a tree with low-hanging branches. Make sure to keep your grill grate, cast iron griddle, tongs, skewers, spatulas, and other cooking utensils nearby for ease and convenience when cooking. Try to keep the space as tidy and organized as possible.

Have enough chairs and tables.

How many guests are you expecting to come? Some people can enjoy their food and talk while standing up, but doing that for too long can be tiresome. Especially if you are having your older family members come over, such as your grandparents and parents, they will have a lot more fun if they can sit and eat comfortably.

Check that you have a sufficient supply of charcoal and/or propane.

How much food do you think you need to cook and serve for everybody? Running out of charcoal or propane while in the middle of the cooking is not something that any barbecue host wants to happen. To avoid that, make sure to get enough charcoal and propane before the party.

Offer snacks and drinks.

What will you offer your guests while they wait for the main dishes to be ready? Once your family members start to arrive, you can offer them some light snacks and drinks to keep their hunger levels down while the barbecue is cooking. When you go to the grocery store to buy all the meat and veggies, be sure to get some popular barbecue snacks such as potato chips, watermelon, tortillas, dips and salsas, and berries. Be sure your drinks are nice and cold before the guests arrive so they have something to sip on while they socialize.

Make the area safe and secure for everyone.

What safety precautions should you have in place in case of an accident? You never know when something unfortunate can happen, so it is best to always observe safety. For example, after using a grill grate or cast iron griddle, set it someplace where no one can trip on it or touch it. Also, in case of flare-ups, have a grill cover and a fire extinguisher within reach. By putting safety first, you and your guests can fully enjoy the moment

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