In today’s world, the online Transfer of money is immensely important, and so one can only rely on an authentic, reliable, and trustworthy online transaction processor like PayPal. Now, even though it is so popular and commendable yet it has severe technical snags, and so users often raise questions like how can I verify PayPal Account or issues related to transferring money to a bank account. If you are stuck and wish to transfer PayPal Money, then you are supposed to follow few important steps that are given below.

Ways to Transfer PayPal Money to Bank Account via Mobile App

If you wish to transfer PayPal Money to Bank Account and you are using a mobile app but do not have any idea about the ways to do it, then you can follow the steps that are given below:

  • At first, you are supposed to start your PayPal App on your phone and then log in
  • Now, you are required to tap on your PayPal Balance
  • Next, move to the bottom of the screen, and then you must tap on Transfer
  • And then, click on transfer money
  • Then, tap on the bank account that you wish to transfer money to and then click on next
  • Then, you can simply confirm that you want to easily complete this transaction just by tapping Transfer $xxx now

If you do follow the above-stated steps, you can simply find out the instructions that are given below. Check out the steps to know more.

Common tips for transferring money from PayPal Account via a web browser

If you are using your PayPal account on the web browser, then you can simply follow the steps that are given below:

  • At first, you must move to the wallet page
  • And then, you are required to click on the wallet, which is located at the top of the screen
  • Next, you are supposed to click on transfer money
  • After that, you must click on Transfer to your bank
  • You are supposed to choose the account that you wish to transfer
  • And then, you must click on the Next button
  • After that, you should enter the amount of money that you wish to transfer and then click on the Next button
  • At last, you are supposed to confirm that you want to complete the transaction and then transfer $xxx now

Users do face different kinds of technical issues, and if you want to transfer PayPal money to bank account but you are unable to do it, then read this blog to find out the answer. Check out and clarify your doubts.

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