How to turn off comments on Facebook post: Everything explained!

Nowadays, almost everyone has a Facebook account. As per the first quarter(2022) data, almost 2.93 billion people are active on Facebook. However, it is at the top of all Social media platforms.

Sometimes, we don’t want anyone or a few people to not comment on our post. Going deep into the usage of this app, we will discuss how to turn off comments on Facebook post. Moreover, all the details, Facebook post definition, post ideas, and Facebook interesting facts are discussed below.  

What is a Facebook post?

A Facebook post is a message/media that a user posts publicly or privately on their Facebook page or wall. Meanwhile, business-oriented posts are basically to attract new audiences and followers. 

Unlike Instagram posts, tweets, and Whatsapp status, Facebook posts can be as long as users want. In addition to this, you can post pictures and videos from your device or system. Let’s discuss how to create a post on Facebook.

How to turn off comments on Facebook post?

  • Firstly, open Facebook and enter your login credentials to sign in. And if you are already signed in, go to required post you want to disable comments for. 
  • Tap three-dots in the corner of the specific post.
  • Tap ‘Who can comment on your post’.
  • Select the particular option you want from Friends, Public, Profile and pages you mention.
  • The setting will get updated, and this is how to turn off comments on Facebook post.

5 Best post ideas

If you search for posting something really engaging on your Facebook Page, you must look at the ideas we have shared. 

  • Sharing memes will undoubtedly increase the audience on your page in a huge number. When you post a meme, there are high chances of it getting viral. However, people extremely love memes in recent times, and they used to share that will ultimately lead to your page.
  • Next, you can share blogs on Facebook. People are interested to know about something new every time. Blogs can help you to attract traffic to your Facebook page.
  • Another idea to post something captivating is posting motivational quotes. There is a great need for motivation in today’s competitive world. 
  • You can promote or launch products on Facebook if you don’t have something else to post. 
  • Importantly, you need to post at a peak time when the audience is more active on Facebook. For example, time after work exhaustion or weekends. You can search the prime time to post anything on your page. It maximizes the chances of getting attention organically. 

Interesting facts about Facebook

Although there is not much we have for you, the facts we have are remarkably interesting. 

  • How many fake Facebook accounts can you imagine are active? Almost 8.7% of active users are fake. Counting this percentage in numbers will lead to 83 million fake users. Facebook makes 600,000 attempts for hacking these fake accounts.
  • How many total Facebook employees can you think of? It has a total of 71,970 employees as of 2021. 
  • Facebook’s Net Worth as of 2022 is 545 Billion USD.
  • Another interesting fact about Facebook is that you can buy Facebook stock legally. A single share of Facebook costs $187.50. 

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