How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Site Conversions

How many times have you tried to promote your products or add new clients and received figurative blank stares? Probably more times than not. This even happens when you run a campaign on social media or your website.


Luckily, this isn’t the only method of marketing in today’s economy. Truth be told, you receive a better return on investment with an email campaign than you do with other methods. Despite the increased availability of other forms of marketing, email campaigns remain one of the most effective channels. For every one dollar spent, you have the potential to receive over $40 in sales.


However, some tips are needed to begin this process. There are a few ways to use email marketing to increase site conversions.

Increase Your Subscribers

This seems like a Catch-22. You want to create a campaign to engage new subscribers but you don’t want to do it without subscribers. So, how do you increase your list of clients?


You do it through other means of marketing and giveaways. You promote your work on social media and at physical events. You offer a giveaway of an eBook or another specialized item in exchange for an email address.

Establish A Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a specialized form of email marketing. Available through online organizations like Helpmonks, it sends messages related to certain actions per different requests. Once the customer selects their needs, they are placed in a category with different material and delivery times.


This form of campaign works in site conversions because you don’t overwhelm your customers with unwanted information. Instead, they receive only what they signed up for. Plus, when it’s automated, the information gets sent out on a schedule.

Provide Meaningful Information

An email campaign doesn’t work when it’s utilized for constant promotion. The saturation of “Buy my item” messages distracts your customers. Eventually, they start unsubscribing.


Replace these repetitive messages with meaningful information. Something that draws the customer into reading the material. Include a link to further details about your products at the end of the message as a call to action.

Make It As Personal As Possible

Today’s marketing tools have the option to enter small pieces of code that call on your subscriber database. In turn, something that originally says “Dear Reader” becomes “Dear Jeremy.” Furthermore, have the From line come from your personal address instead of the email marketer.

Minimize The Chance Of Your Email Going Into The Spam Folder

Established in 2003, the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM) established the first national standards for sending commercial emails. Today’s delivery platforms use this government rule to filter out messages they deem improper. Normally, these end up in your Spam folder.


Minimize this by avoiding certain tropes. For instance, don’t use all caps and multiple exclamation points in the subject line. Also, make sure your URLs and HTML code are properly set so your messages aren’t flagged as malicious.

Format Your Emails

The marketing messages you sent to increase site conversions must be clean and crisp. Something that’s poorly formatted with copious spelling and grammar errors stops readers at the subject line. They assume you’re desperate to make a sale; hence the shoddy setup.


Prevent this through solid writing and editing. Make sentences and paragraphs short. Include subheaders when necessary. Generate bullet-pointed lists for more than three similar items. Before it’s sent out, run everything through a grammar checking tool to find potential errors.

Backlink To Other Resources

Though they don’t expect you to be a subject matter expert, readers need to know you’re serious about your products before they buy them. This isn’t only done through your own information. Backlinking to other resources provides them with additional proof of its benefits.


This doesn’t refer to your competitor’s links. Rather, it means statistics and reviews provided by other reliable parties. The more you link to them the better chance they’ll start recommending your services to their own customers.


Needless to say, there are several steps needed to increase site conversions through email marketing. However, you shouldn’t do them all at once. Start with a clean slate and build a new campaign with the proper formatting and information. You’ll see immediate conversions when you make this happen.


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