How to Wear Monk Strap Shoes With Style

There are many people who would like to know more about any kind of shoes that they are wearing. I have always felt knowing the history of any shoe that I want to wear helps me pair them better.

When one hears about the Men’s leather formal shoes, they automatically assume that they will be pairing it with a suit or at most a trouser and a shirt. However, that is not the case. Every formal shoe like the oxford, the brogues, the monk straps, the derbies etc have a different style and different function. Also, you can buy all the leather shoes online now. 

However, today in this article we will only be talking about one type of men’s leather formal shoes that is the monk straps. Let’s start with some history of these shoes. Monkstraps first came into existence in the 15th century. They became famous all around Europe quite rapidly. It actually started as a shoe type that was created for monks as they need protective footwear as the 15th century involved a lot of manual work for the monks. This was like an improved version of the sandals that the monks used to wear. Soon, they became available to the general public. Soon however in the 18th century, they were replaced by lace-up footwear. Soon, though they came back in the picture. In the late 20th century, they underwent a little makeover and now they are an iconic pair of shoes. They are one of the classics and part of the exclusive men’s leather formal shoes club. It is one of the most luxurious shoes.

Monk straps are available in two types. Single monk strap shoes and double monk strap shoes. The debate between that which is better a single or double strap shoes. These both types have their own significance as a shoe. You can now buy leather shoes online on many websites and accounts. They can be brand-specific or just general stores that sell men’s leather shoes online. 

Now, moving forward let’s talk about how one can wear monk strap shoes with style: 

  1. You can wear monk straps with a suit and create a dapper look for yourself. A tailored suit looks absolutely amazing with a monk strap irrespective of it is a single strap or double strap. Men’s leather formal shoes are in trend always. Earlier it was only the basic colours the black and brown that used to be paired with these suits. However, now even the monk straps are available in multiple colours and designs. The double coloured monk straps have become quite a testament for fashion buffs. Monk straps with buckles are quite a unique and most preferred design type. 
  2. Let’s talk about pairing monk straps with our staple of jeans. Most guys today pair their jeans with either loafers or sneakers but when you pair your shoes with an amazing pair of monk straps, it enhances your overall look. It makes you ready for more occasions with just one pair of shoes. You can go from anywhere to work, to a party or to a simple get together with friends. However, they won’t look good with bell- bottoms or boyfriend jeans. They only look perfect with slim-fitting jeans. Most guys prefer to pair them with brown or black monk straps but nowadays there are many colours available in monk straps. Once you have mastered the basics you can start experimenting with other colours like the blues or the forest colours like green and other colours. If you feel even more comfortable standing out you can pair them with a leopard or any other animal print shoes. 
  3. The Monk strap looks amazingly well with a three-piece suit. Monk straps unlike oxfords do not overpower your personality but instead enhances your style and personality. We all have occasions where we have to go to black-tie events. Black ties have a fromal dress code like a black suit, white oxford shirt and one strap monk strap shoes. They all together make you look sharp and smart. 
  4. You can also experiment with various colours as the monk straps are now available in. 

The double monk strap shoes especially became so famous in Europe that everyone used to wear them. Monk strap shoes get their name from priests in Medieval Europe, who wore them to secure their feet while working in the fields of religious communities. The shoes advanced from priests’ conventional shoes, with a comparative clasp conclusion and an additional defensive toe cap.

Since they are built from leather, with a hard sole, monk strap shoes are not as agreeable as, say, a tennis shoe. Notwithstanding, as dress shoes go, they can be truly agreeable to wear. Similarly, as with all footwear, development is vital – pick a quality shoe and your feet will much be obliged.

The monk strap is currently viewed as an exceptionally flexible shoe style that can be worn with easygoing, business easygoing, and less proper dress things from bound pants, overcoats to even the neatest of suits. 

Something intriguing about the monk strap shoes is that notwithstanding it being a famous shoe, it is still seldom found in contrast with others like the Oxfords and Derbys. Since the normal purchaser may ordinarily not be discovered wearing priests, it turns out to be very observable when somebody wears them particularly when they are interesting and all around cleaned.

You can also pair monk straps with casual attires like chinos. Chinos are slim-fit trousers that not everyone can carry. However, people today like to live on the edge and challenge the preconceived notions of society even in the fashion world. I saw a guy who paired his monk-straps, brown in colour with a pink leather jacket. Not many guys would wear a pink leather jacket forget pairing it with jeans and monk straps. Honestly, he looked good. He knew what he could and could not carry well. So, go and buy leather shoes online and make your own style. Hope we could help you out!

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