How to Write an Impactful Thesis for an Argumentative Essay

A thesis can be found in many places, but here we are talking about an argumentative essay thesis. The most common place for a thesis statement is in an essay. Whether you are writing an informative essay, argumentative essay, or a contrast statement, you require a thesis. Without a thesis, your argument will fail, and the information you are providing will be unfocused. Since a thesis is very important, it is probably a great idea to look at some advice on putting together a strong one.

For the college argumentative essay, you need to write a strong thesis statement that can immediately grab the readers’ attention. You have to support your thesis claim if you want to write an impactful thesis. These must be written at the end of the beginning of your writings. Your thesis can vary according to the formation and pattern of your thesis work. 

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Types of Claims on Argumentative Essay thesis

The thesis of an argumentative essay needs to be debatable. The thesis argumentative essay requires it to be controversial. There are four different types of claims. Keep in mind that your thesis should meet into one of these claims. Sometimes, argumentative essay thesis overlaps and utilizes more than one claim. Remember, the more claims you cover in your thesis longer will be your argumentative essay. 


Fact or Definition Claims:

If you want to make a fact or definition claim, make sure you choose a fact or definition that is debatable. 


Cause & Effect Claims:


It is similar to fact or definition claims, causes and effect claims need to be debatable or opinionated. For example, smoking causes lung cancer, but one can debate whether secondhand smoke causes lung cancer or not.  


Solutions or Policies Claims: 

It is a best example of how two different claims overlap with each other. Solutions or policies claims work hand to hand with fact or definition claims.


Claims About Value:

Value claims normally start with essays that evaluate. Every time the writer put a value on something or someone as “superior” or “best,” the writer is claiming value. The writer should always anticipate how to react to opposition viewpoints. It is especially important to do so when dealing with a value claim.


How the Thesis for an argumentative essay should be?


An argumentative essay thesis takes a stand. Quotations, unclear statements, questions, or others are not argumentative thesis.

Example: Federal immigration law.

It is a difficult subject about which many people will not agree. It is not an arguable thesis because it does not support a position.



Thesis of an argumentative essay should be narrow and focused. A narrow, focused claim is precise, supported with evidence, and more effective than a broad, general claim.

Example: The federal government should overhaul the U.S. tax code.

It is not an efficient argumentative thesis because it is too broad and would need a large amount of evidence to be fully supported.



An argumentative thesis claim must be reasonable and the claim that people can oppose. Facts or areas statements cannot be argumentative thesis; few people will not agree about them.

Example: Junk food is not good for health.

It is not a debatable thesis because many people will agree with this, and only a few will disagree.



Thesis of an argumentative essay must make a claim, and it should be valid and reasonable. Unreasonable or impossible claims are not considered as argumentative thesis.

Example: Members of the city council stink and should be sent to jail.

It is not an argumentative thesis because this is not the reason to send them to jail.



An argumentative essay thesis must be supported by evidence. Claims that suppose morals or religious beliefs, one cannot support them with evidence. Therefore these are not argumentative thesis.

Example: If someone has committed murder will go to hell when they die.

This cannot be considered as an argumentative thesis as it only holds the religious beliefs instead of supporting the evidence.


Basic things to keep in mind while writing an argumentative essay thesis

  • Your thesis should tell the main purpose of your argumentative essay.
  • Your thesis should be of one or two sentences only.
  • It’s not your thesis that announces what your argumentative essay will cover. Your thesis should present your assertion.
  • Your essay thesis should be at the beginning of your essay. It should be in the introduction of the essay.
  • It is the important sentence of your essay. Make sure the audience understands your point. 



An Impactful Thesis for an Argumentative Essay writing needs a lot of effort and skills so that you can prove your claims in their writings. Therefore, the details mentioned above will help you to write the argumentative essay thesis as it includes essential points that are necessary for argumentative essay thesis statements. Understand each point and you will be able to write a powerful statement for your argumentative essay thesis. If you face any difficulty regarding the argumentative essay thesis, you can contact online experts who are well experienced in providing best essay writing help.

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