How To Write Impressive Conclusion Paragraph For Essay

The conclusion of an essay or case study usually requires one paragraph, where students have to wrap up the entire paper or a point. However, many find it difficult to summarize the content, so they take the help of a conclusion paragraph essay typer. In this blog, you will see some tips and examples that will help you compose a good conclusion. 

When to Write a Conclusion? 

Before we proceed to the tips of conclusion writing, we must understand the purpose. When writing an essay, report, or article that suggests or explores a concept, subject, or event, you should include a conclusion. This concept is known as a thesis statement, and it serves as the foundation and drives the entire composition. In other terms, it provides a solution to the question “why.”

A conclusion, on the other hand, answers the “so what” question. Here, you restate the essay’s main point and provide the reader with a solution, query, or insight into the issue that reminds them why they should care.

Tips for Writing a Succinct Conclusion (Concluding Paragraph)

In this section, we will take a look at how to write a concluding paragraph in an essay or research paper. 

You summarize what you’ve written in your paper in a closing paragraph. When creating a decent ending paragraph, you should consider the key point you want to convey and make sure it is included. You can write something similar with different words if you’ve previously created a terrific beginning paragraph. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Refer to the Introductory Paragraph 

You might commence your introductory paragraph by “There are two aspects that I dislike about a human being.” So, you can start your conclusion by “Disloyalty and Quitting are the two aspects that I do not associate in any form or factor.”

  • Analyze What Each Paragraph is About 

This tip works if you are writing a longer paper. If you were writing a paper about zoo animals, for example, each paragraph would most likely be about a different animal. You should briefly describe each animal again in your conclusion. “Amazing creatures like polar bears, lions, and giraffes can be found in zoos.”

  • Leave Something Behind for the Readers to Think 

A remark like, “We have a lot to learn about ozone depletion,” suggests that people need to educate themselves. After they’ve finished reading your paper, you ask them something to perform. For instance, “It’s simple to make your own popsicles. Take a glass of orange juice and give it a shot!”

If you cannot follow the steps and wonder, “Who can write my essay?” you can take the help of a professional essay writer

Tips for Writing the Final Conclusion 

When you write the conclusion, you have to abide by the following guideline:

  • Write the thesis statement (rephrased)

An effective conclusion connects the reader to the main argument and reminds them of the essay’s aim. However, refrain from repeating the thesis word for word. Rephrase your argument significantly while keeping the main issue in mind.

  • Highlight the crux of the paper 

Be it an essay or any other academic paper, you need to highlight only the important points of the write-up. Since the conclusion is usually wrapped up within 5 lines, you should mention the 2 or 3 key points within 2 to 3 sentences. Most importantly, you must state your final stand on the matter if it is an argumentative or proposal essay. 

  • Include a CTA and future scope of the study 

You should not forget to incorporate the future scope of the study for the researchers or essay writers. You must clearly specify the aspects that you were unable to divulge. Furthermore, you should include a CTA (Call to Action), asking the readers to take up certain responsibilities, etc. 

In the following section, we will take a look at a few things that you must avoid while writing the conclusion. 

Things to Look Out for While Writing a Conclusion

When writing your conclusion, there are a few things to avoid:

  • Do Not Introduce New Ideas 

Avoid introducing a new thesis, fresh ideas, or evidence. Remove new points if you have stated them in your conclusion. And try to incorporate them into one of your essay’s body paragraphs.

  • Follow the Tone You Used Throughout the Content 

Make sure the tone of your writing matches the rest of the document.

  • Do Not Use ‘In Conclusion’

Avoid using phrases like “in closing,” “in summary,” or “in conclusion” in the conclusion since they are repetitive and not necessary.

Your aim would be to end the essay on a positive note, and provide the readers with a sense of closure. In the final section, we will be taking a look at some examples with the help of which you will have a firm grasp of the subject matter. 

Conclusion Examples You Must GoThrough 

In this section, you will get to see certain examples on how to write a conclusion. If you wish to get better at it, it is necessary that you go through sample academic papers, essays, etc. 

Example 1 

College education should be made free of cost. The main reason is to make education at all levels accessible to the underprivileged children. Otherwise, they will remain unemployed and get associated with criminal gangs and activities. They will end up ruining their lives. 

Example 2

The lack of male members made women independent back in the 60s. This is when the movement of rights began. The women started working hard to ensure the prosperity of the family. Women around the world combined child care, professional activities, and household chores.  

Hopefully, you were able to understand the tips and examples. You should not be facing further issues after going through this blog. In case you do, you should use a conclusion paragraph generator. 

Author Bio: Anne Gill is a former English professor at a reputed university in the UK. She also shares important tips and lessons on her blog site. Currently, she is associated with, where she supervises the assignment help service.

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