How You Can FrSky XM Plus Antenna Substitute

The XM Plus receiver from FrSky is among the tiniest receivers and it is perfect smaller sized crafts and drones. Within this how-to steer we’ll dig just a little much deeper in to the receiver as well as consider the In the following paragraphs Or how-to steer, we’ll have a consider the XM Plus receiver, its specs as well as an how you can switch the FrSky XM Plus Antenna.

FrSky XM Plus Receiver
The FrSky XM Plus receiver is really a small diversity receiver from FrSky which showcases full-range capacity which, compared to other third party receivers, which only provides limited range when compared with FrSky original first party receivers which provides you with the needed range for the normal day-to-day flying. The variety setup provides you with extra coverage when compared to standard XM receiver too.



FrSky D16 mode


21.5*12*3.5mm(L x W x H)



Operating Range


Operating Current Range


Operating Current


Quantity of Channels

As much as 16CH from SBUS

The XM Plus was produced like a successor towards the small XM receiver however with the additional advantage to be a diversity setup. The XM is essentially exactly the same receiver because the XM, however with the benefit of antenna diversity if you can spend the additional dollar or more, I recommend getting this receiver rather.

Construction of FrSky XM Plus Antenna

The antenna of the receiver will be the black colour wire(s) in the receiver however the actual radiating area of the antenna, which transmits and receives the signal is frequently known as the active element.

These kind of straight line antennas comprise a unique cable referred to as a coaxial cable (or coax for brief). Similar to the TV signal cable you may have in your own home, these coax cables have a similar construction.

The main casing or covering sheath is generally a black plastic to safeguard the fragile insides in the physical stress and damage during handling.

The 2nd layer is really a ground layer composed wire strands whose purpose would be to safeguard the signal wire against undesirable noise and disturbance towards the signal being transmitted (or received) and also to make certain there’s no signal leakage up until the final finish from the transmitting element.

The 3rd layer can be used as the second insulation layer and it is directly laid around the active wire to avoid shorting using the ground layer.

The ultimate 4th and final layer would be that the actual active element wire in which the signal travels in the device it’s linked to. This part refers back to the actual antenna part which receives and transmits data to and from the receiver.

If in almost any situation, you’ve accidentally cut away the active element (the transparent part in which the black plastic shielding isn’t present), the simplest way to repair the receiver and reuse the antenna is simply to strip a number of that shielding to exhibit 23.5mm from the active element which differs from the typical 31.2mm we have seen in other receivers.

A clear-cut in the distance described about in the plastic shielding will give you the very best reception.

Measure 23mm in the finish in which you have recently designed a cut and strip the insulation before you remain using the active element. This period of 23mm is special for that FrSky XM antenna because FrSky has tuned their antennas within the PCB board.

Replacing the FrSky XM Plus Antenna

Inside a worst-situation scenario in which you lose the whole antenna, you may be needed to buy a substitute antenna. Replacing the antenna is very simple in which you just unplug it in the receiver and fix the brand new antenna. Do bear in mind the components around the receivers are very sensitive and needs careful handling. Any Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) might damage these delicate components so it is suggested to make use of proper grounding while focusing on or soldering the receiver.


In the following paragraphs, we view concerning the FrSky XM Plus antenna and just what must be done to replace it all in your quad for any happy flying. This information is not always designed for the FrSky XM Plus but could be relevant for other small receivers too however with the modification the active elements total length is 31.23mm rather from the 23mm for that XM Plus as proven in the following paragraphs.

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