It is an exaggeration to say that 2021 has been a year of enormous change; it has been more akin to a transformation.


Okay, maybe it’s a little exaggerated, but we can’t dispute that it was a more significant alteration than the previous one.


While worldwide lockdowns, redundancies, and other unparalleled circumstances prompted a shift to a more simulated and hybrid professional world in late 2019, businesses will continue to shift in line with upcoming HR developments in the New Year to ensure their working population and job satisfaction is a top priority.


As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 2 HR developments for 2022.


A Change in the Recruiting Process


Generally, it’s standard practice for the Human resources department to hire from outside for available positions within the company. Nevertheless, according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report (2020), corporate leaders and Human resource professionals are discovering that choosing internally has several benefits, including:


  • Increasing the number of employees that stay with the company
  • Increasing the productivity of new hires, and
  • Increasing the speed of the total recruiting process


As a result, it’s no wonder that a transformation in the employment process is on the horizon, given that hiring and training have posed their unique set of issues since the outbreak began, especially with virtual employment on the increase.


Over the past two years, HR executives have turned to their current employees to develop their skills and endorse potential candidates rather than meeting them in person. This resulted in the emergence of high internal mobility businesses that inspire workers to stay twice as long as they would in a reduced mobility institution.


This isn’t to argue that HR teams shouldn’t hire outside; after all, it’s critical to place the correct people in the correct jobs. Instead, internal recruiting can help HR teams save money by hiring qualified applicants already in their talent depth.


Administration of a Multi-Generational Staff


More than ever, we’re seeing a combination of about four to five generations that are going to make up a large portion of the workers we see in our institutions. HR departments deal with the following issues daily:


  • Baby Boomers are a generation of people born between 1946 and 1964.
  • Generation X (born 1965 – 1980)
  • Millennials are a group of people who were born between 1981 and 1996.
  • Generation Z is a group of people born after the year 2000.


While the involvement of diverse generations keeps the pool of available talent broad and diverse within institutions, Hr executives still have a lot of work to do in 2022 to handle these multi-generational workers efficiently and successfully.


Organizations must understand the contrasts – and commonalities – among their workers since people from different generations are at various stages of life, which will naturally impact what they do.


According to a new analysis, Baby Boomers, for example, are less interested in promotions and professional achievements than younger generations because they believe fulfilling work is more important.


HR’s other concerns with a multi-generational staff include communication problems (e.g., via chosen communication modes), diverse working styles and preferences, and racial perceptions that can contribute to bad corporate culture.


In the new year, Human resources, Learning & development, and senior management will collaborate more closely to solve skills gaps and keep every worker engaged by adopting tailored and strategic workforce strategies.


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