ID Document Verification – Digital Identity And Customer Relationship

With the digitalization of the world, the significance of digital identity has increased in the past years. Nowadays, every digital business is accepting digital identities to provide services to customers. But verifying the digital identity is not a piece of cake. Since the person is not present physically it’s challenging for businesses and corporations to verify whether the person’s identity is legitimate or not. With the presence of the loophole and gaps in cybersecurity, the cyber attackers break into the system and manipulate it by misusing the digital identities of the business and individual customers. To prevent such fraud, documents verification services are the best solution in the market nowadays.

What is ID Document Verification?

Digital identity is a collection of data regarding a business or individual that is placed online or present digitally over the internet. ID document verification is another way of checking documents to verify the identity of the customer such as passport, ID card, driving license, etc. Document verification service not only facilitates verification of customer identity but also reveals the potential customers who are using forged documents, synthetic identities or expired documents. Unfortunately, identity theft is the most upcoming issue in digital businesses. As stated by the Aite group identity theft cost a $712 billion loss the previous year. Document verification is an essential component wherever online identity is to be verified such as airports arenas, border crossings, etc.

What Makes Digital Identity Vulnerable?

In case if the digital identity is compromised or may fall into the hands of an imposter it’s quite alarming for the victim. Due to the insufficient ID document verification security measure, imposter most likely gets access to digital identities.

  • Same credential on various accounts

Usually, for ease, the end-user uses the same credentials for multiple accounts. This practice makes the digital identity vulnerable. Fraudsters are so sharp they can easily guess and breach into accounts and take over the identities

  • Browsing unsecured sites

Not every website is well equipped in terms of security, visiting those sites is a red flag for digital identity protection. To minimize the identity theft risk end-user should visit websites that require digital ID document verification based on SSL certification

How AI-Based Online Document Verification Mitigates Frauds?

Many of us have gone through the ID document verification process when we have to open a bank account to do any financial transaction. Usually, this process is done traditionally where the verification officers check documents to verify customer identity before giving access to the services. But through these conventional means of document attestation, the imposter was able to run their frauds. To mitigate such outcomes, AI tends to play the role of the verification officer using digital document validation software. This is fruitful for the online businesses to onboard customers and provides their services through online means.

Categories of Fake Documents 

  • Illegal Documents

Imposter makes the documents that look like the original ID documents but lack the characteristics like holographic imprints, special ink, and other various originality standards. These are fake documents that are used for doing fraud

  • False Documents

Such documents are neither forged nor manipulated but these documents are stolen and are used by the imposter to pass through the Document Validation Process

  • Altered Documents

These documents are slightly modified to tackle the verification process. Such documents are difficult to detect by humans. AI-Based ID Document Verification process enables to detection of such type of document through minor characteristics such as fonts and pixels variation s compare to verified documents


 AI Enhance ID Document Verification Checks 

  • Document Authentication

The AI technology is used to authenticate the documents provided by the customer

  • Identifying Document Format

Imposters usually forge or alter the documents to hide their actual identity under another person’s identity to commit fraud. Such documents lack format minor characteristics which are detected by the AI-enhanced solutions

  • Special Ink And Paper Validation 

The government-issued ID documents consist of a special type of inks and papers which are not readily available in the market when the imposter tries to replicate documents through an ID Document Verification process such manipulations are identified.

  • Holographic/Rainbow Imprints Verification

Governments usually place-unique holographic/rainbow imprints in the ID documents. While imposter tries to make copies of them, they are not able to make such an imprint. Thus with the help of identity documents, potential thefts can be controlled 

Final Thoughts 

ID document verification software works as the verification officer behind the scene that validates customers’ identity documents before facilitating them. By using such a process businesses can easily overcome identity fraud.

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