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Ighty Support is one of the reliable IT contractor companies in the DFW Metroplex.

Ighty, IT Contracting Company

What is the contracting Company?

The contracting companies are involved in construction projects for their clients. An IT contracting company specializes in constructing the entire network setup for electronic devices, telephone systems, and security cameras. 

Ighty Support is an IT contracting company for all ground up businesses needing IT infrastructure setup for a new establishment or existing businesses in Dallas. We are a team of IT specialists working for clients in a business-to-business agreement. We understand all your IT needs and provide All IT support services with the best IT professionals in Dallas.

What Is IT contracting?

IT contracting is a mutual agreement between SMEs or Individuals with IT contractors to deliver only IT-related services, not the specific results or products. The experts are hired on a fixed-term basis to work on individual projects like network cabling, security cabling, phone cabling, installation, IT support, Managed IT services, or whatever is required by the clients.

Who is an IT Contractor?

IT contractor is a specialized, skillful subject matter expert (SMEs) hired to provide support in all the businesses’ IT-related jobs. By employing proficient IT contractors, you ensure the management and maintenance of a robust IT network, whereas you can focus on your core business activities. Services of IT contractors promote a happier and healthier work environment. 

  • Specialized, qualified Expert in IT jobs
  • Licensed and qualified technician. 
  • Provides his IT support services, not the product or result.
  • Hired on contract to complete and maintain the individual project. 

Ighty IT contractor qualification / competencies

  • Graduate Diploma in ICT or Engineering.
  • Industry certification MCSE and MCA 
  • Eloquent with writing and speaking the English language. 
  • Have an experience of a minimum of 2-4 years in the field.
  • Have a driving license and also own a vehicle.
  • Is enthusiastic about providing further assistance outside of regular jobs and office hours.
  • Is comfortable in traveling to client location at Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Carrollton, Bedford, Mansfield, Arlington, Southlake, Prosper, Denton, Frisco, Alliance
  • Skillful in the areas of Cybersecurity, Data Network Installation, and Office physical security applications (security camera installs and access control systems)

Services of an Ighty IT contractor?

  • Strategically assess the existing network and propose effective and smart solutions abreast with current market trends.
  • Install complete new network setup for small and medium businesses, small businesses and individual houses, 
  • IT contractors are well aware of industry-specific compliance codes and ensure that the foundational IT network is reliable and stable. 
  • Create a dependable IT network that reinforces your office communications & security systems.
  • Cabling your telecommunications system, security camera system, access control, and your IT network.
  • Accurately labels the cable runs and neatly dress them for proper management of Data, Voice, Access Control, Security, and miscellaneous IT network devices.
  • Ensure project delivery, including a complete installation of all equipment, configuration, labeling, and testing.
  • Conduct a complete walkthrough of the site with the client.
  • Prepare detailed documentation of the site IT configuration for reference and future use.

Why Hire an IT Contractor in Dallas?

IT Contracting is not outsourcing! 

If you set up a SAAS in your company, you can outsource the system, but it will be managed in-house, but when you hire an IT contracting company, they will manage the entire system.

 An IT contracting company works on a proactive basis, which means they understand the organization and takes proactive measures to ensure the business’s smooth and competent running. The Information technology contractor or commonly referred “IT contractor,” will remotely manage customer IT infrastructure or end-user systems without intervening in their core operation.

This is why hiring contracting companies is a better option. 

  • IT contractors will help in Installation, managing, and maintaining IT networks at a much cheaper cost than hiring in-house IT technicians at a high salary.
  • They provide proactive solutions for the future and reduce the risk of scams and uncertainties like viruses.
  • They assist in all the phases of construction as per the contract.  
  • They are specialized technicians always abiding by compliance and security norms. 

We’re not your typical IT contractor– we’re your IT partner. We give you all the perks of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. We assist in managing the day-to-day IT business activities of our professionals with no option to hire. If you are looking for an IT contractor in DFW to hire, check out our website. 

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