IMA-AMS Fellowship in Infertility

Fellowship affiliated to Academy of Medical Specialities under Indian Medical Association. • Experienced and senior faculty with practical knowledge from GGIRHR and best in Industry. • Students can attend Online/Offline Classes  held once a week for 4 hours (Thursday’s  10 AM – 2 PM) • Duration of course – 1 year • It will incorporate theory and also include observations with hands- on • Opportunity to be part of IUI,Hysteroscopy,Laparoscopy, Andrology procedures, Ovum Pick-ups and Embryo Transfers  at any of our 5 IVF Centres of Garbhagudi located in Bengaluru. Is one a busy practising gynecologist but aspiring to get a Fellowship in Infertility? Being a gynecologist is one looking for a customised Fellowship programme specialized in ART methods? Well then, GGIRHR has an IMA-AMS fellowship course designed for doctors with busy practice and will be able to spare time to attend classes amidst their hectic schedules. The outcome of this course will be, the gynecologist can work as an “Infertility consultant” in any of the hospitals offering treatment in infertility and will be able to perform: • IUI and IVF procedures in a well-disciplined way • Monitor Follicular stimulations with the help of USG (if one has basic ultrasound knowledge already) • Ovum pick up and embryo transfer • Diagnose and treat Infertility more methodically • IVF stimulations • manage and prevent Challenges of IVF/ICSI stimulations • How to handle and treat male infertility Interested gynaecologists who want to get certified as “Fellowship in Infertility” from IMA-AMS can apply! Register Now! Limited intake of seats only! Visit: Call: +91 7204937376 Email:

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