Productivity becomes a matter of concern for employers when the developers are working remotely. It was believed that the shift in remote work will affect the developers’ productivity and will pose a challenge to them. Well, it did affect their productivity but not in the expected manner. The effect turned out to be in the favour of developers and the employers. 


A survey conducted by Statista backs the fact that software developers have experienced an increase in their productivity since the time they started working remotely. Statista conducted a global survey, where around 42 percent of the respondents felt an increase in developers’ productivity since the beginning of remote work. 




The fear was natural since the developers might have never worked in a remote set up and the shift may bring challenges like difficulty in communication, absence of proper work environment, lack of transparency, etc. Employers might have felt that the engineers may not get a suitable environment to work and this could impact their productivity in a negative way. Also the developers’ attitude towards work was a matter of concern. Employers/leaders could not keep a watch on the engineers working and had to rely on the statements made by them. 




After the developers shifted to remote work, they had an advantage to work any time they felt the most productive and creative. For someone it may be 3 o’clock midnight or perhaps 5 o’clock in the evening. They were no longer restricted to office working hours ( usually 9 to 5).  Freedom of working during their comfortable hours proved to be extremely beneficial for both the developers and the company. 


Remote work can also impact employees’ loyalty towards the company. When developers are allowed to work remotely, they get more time to spend with themselves, and their families. They are saved from annoying traffic at the nearest stop. When they feel that the administration is making decisions in their favor, they become loyal towards the company, and work more diligently. They try to deliver their best. Productivity, as a result, gets improved and the benefits are experienced both by the developers and the company. 




According to Business News Daily, 59 percent of the teams of software developers report that they have increased their productivity while working remotely. As a result, the impact of remote jobs on developers’ productivity has reportedly increased and is working in their favor. There are a lot of statistics backing the fact as well. However, there are scenarios where some employers have witnessed decline in developers’ productivity. It largely depends on the environment the engineer is working in. Also the statistics differ for professionals in different fields working remotely. 


Web development being a field involving creative skills does not necessarily require developers to work in an office. Quality of the work is something to be stressed on. They can be given the liberty to work according to their comfortable environment. Hence resulting in better productivity and outcomes. 


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