Inbound call And Outbound Call

Voice calls from current or potential clients are referred to as Inbound calls. Typically, they are sent to an inbound contact center, where customer advisers answer and deal with their inquiries.Customer service and sales calls are the two main categories of inbound calls.
Customer service calls are typically made by customers who have a question, problem, or complaint about a product or service. Customer service representatives are responsible for resolving these issues quickly and efficiently, and providing customers with a positive experience.
An outbound call is a call that is initiated by a business or organization to a customer or prospect. Outbound calls are typically made for sales, marketing, or customer service purposes.
Sales outbound calls are used to generate leads, qualify prospects, and close deals. Marketing outbound calls are used to promote products and services, and to build brand awareness. Customer service outbound calls are used to proactively contact customers to offer support or to resolve issues.
Outbound calls can be made manually by sales representatives or customer service agents, or they can be automated using a variety of technologies, such as predictive dialer software.

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