India Unknown: The 6 Holy Brahma Temples

India is a religious nation where numerous temples dedicated to the various gods boast their magnificence, and many tourists visit them every year. You might have heard of the innumerable Vishnu and Shiva temples, but have you heard of India’s six holy Brahma temples? Probably not, so if you are also curious to know about the only 6 Brahma temples in India, please continue reading.

Brahma Temple in Pushkar

The first and most well-known Temple dedicated to the creator Brahma is in Pushkar. Situated near the Pushkar Lake in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, it is one of the most visited temples of the God in India. In the Hindu month of Kartik, which is in November, pilgrims visit the site, dip in the lake, and offer prayers to their deity.

Interesting fact: There is a reasonable probability in favor of you finding peacocks near the place; lucky ones have also seen one or two on the temple roof.     

Asotra Brahma Temple in Barmer

Asotra Brahma Temple, situated in Barmer, is another Brahma Temple in Rajasthan. Surprisingly, the Rajpurohits of the village built it with Jaisalmer and Jodhpur Stone. However, the Brahma idol there is made of marble. 

Interesting fact: Birds receive over 200 Kg of grain to eat every morning in the Temple.

Adi Brahma Temple in Khokhan in Kullu Valley

The Adi Brahma Temple, situated in the Khokhan area of the Kullu Valley, has an exciting story that goes along with it. It is believed that people from Mandi and Kullu prayed there together. However, as the Kingdom split, workers built a replica on the other side in Mandi; but unfortunately, people had to continue worshiping the Temple within the Kingdom’s borders.        

Interesting fact: The Temple obtains the prefix, Adi, from the great amount of Buddhist impact on the local people living here.

Brahma Temple in Kumbakonam

A story tells that Brahma was so proud of his creative powers that he boasted of being better at it than Shiva and Vishnu. To teach Brahma a lesson, Vishnu created a ghost, which terrified Brahma, and he ran to Vishnu for help.

After he apologized for his mistake, Vishnu asked him to remorse on earth, for which he chose Kumbakonam. Impressed by this, Vishnu accepted his apology and revived his knowledge and statues among the Gods and Goddesses.

Brahma Karmali Mandir in Panaji

The Brahma Karmali Temple, the only Brahma Temple in Goa, is situated about 7 km from Valpoi and around 60 km from Panaji. Even though it is not one of the ancient temples, people believe that Brahma’s idol dates back to the 11th century.

A legend goes that the black stone statue of Brahma stone statue in the Temple was bought to Carambolim in Goa, only in the 20th century, by a large group of devotees who escaped Portuguese religious intolerance.    

Brahmapureeswarar Temple in Thirupattur

As per a legend, once Shiva’s wife Parvati mistook Brahma for Shiva, which angered the destroyer, and Shiva took all of Brahma’s powers, cutting one of his heads, cursing him that no one would ever worship him.

Even though Brahma asked for forgiveness, Shiva didn’t listen, so he went on a pilgrimage journey, which took him to Thirupattur, where he built 12 Shivling and worshipped the God there.

Moved by this, Shiva forgave Brahma, now in front of Brahma; he relieved him of the curse and restored his powers. Shiva then blessed and gave him a shrine there since then; Brahma is the deity of this Temple.     

If you go to these temples with complete devotion, you will truly achieve peace, calm, harmony, and the blessings of Brahma. Do you want the best pilgrimage experience to any of these temples? Tourists recommend India by Car and Driver for its incredible Religious Tour Packages.    

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