Indian fashion brand well known all over the world

Fashion has transformed from time to time. Even in ancient times, many Indian queens and actresses or kings and actors followed fashion trends. This scenario slightly changed when the film industry began to grow and along with the fashion industry grew as well.


Today, Indian fashion is well-known across the world. Many Indian brands and designers have established themselves as global brands. Many times, we think that a certain brand is foreign but in reality, it turns out to be an Indian. Such is the popularity of the brand and the products they sell.


The Indian market is flooded with clothing and accessories from several designer brands. Many people just love to buy branded apparel and accessories. One interesting fact about such brands is that they have high-end products which are way above the budget but also have products that are not too expensive for a normal person. In that way, these brands have made a mark in the Indian and overseas markets.


Today’s designer wears, fabrics and materials used in the accessories are often influenced by the culture and traditions of India. That’s where Indians connect and even buy modern clothing as well as the traditional wear from these brands. Of course, it’s not only the clothes but Indian brands are known for bags as well.


Women’s bags not only are very important to maintain fashion sense but are user-friendly. So, It’s not just clothing but there are various brands that sell bags that have international recognition. The women’s handbag market in India has been thriving. With new trends evolving every season, people with fashion sense look for something unique frequently. And due to this some of these homegrown brands have also expanded and are also selling to international clients. 


In this article, let’s discuss a few such brands which are quite famous for bags.




Baggit is the brainchild of Nina Lekhi, who was just 18 when she founded Baggit. It became popular because of the fresh designs and unique feel. Not only that, this eco-friendly and vegan-friendly brand gave tough competition to the luxury bag brand in the market. Initially, she invested Rs 7000 but today the company’s turnover is around 111 Rs crores. Now, Lekhi is expanding the business to international markets as well.


Da Milano


Da Milano, which sounds every bit foreign, is an Indian brand. It was founded by Sahil Malik in 2000. He saw that there was no premium handbag shop in India at the time which could give competition to luxury brands. After 20 years of its launch, Da Milano is worth Rs 145 crore today. This brand India company, Da Milano’s strategy of providing a lifetime warranty for its products is one of the major selling points for the brand. Apart from its business strategy, it sources raw materials from across the globe to produce elegant designs of handbags.

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