Instagram Followers 10 Ways to Get More (Real!)

1. Create a branded hashtag

You can essentially create a collection of your best content through a dedicated, customized, or branded hashtag. If you find a potential follower via a targeted tag, after viewing your best posts they will follow better.


For each marketing campaign on Instagram, you can also consider creating a branded tag. This is sometimes better because it often sounds less promotional than using something specific to your company, such as your name. In turn, campaign hashtags are frequently used by followers and are then taken into account. They can also begin to follow you if they have the same interests.

2. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag. 

It’s nice to have created for your company a #joesgarage hashtag, but who knows how to share content with you? Make sure it is in your profile, but take this game offline and print it on receipts, print ads, in your shop signage and in the events involved.

Direct the people to use your hashtag when you are on radio and TV. Integrate online and offline campaigns, ensuring that they are listed on your social profiles, websites and email blasts. 

3. Use industry-specific hashtags

You want people interested in what you are offering. The main result would be very few followers with terms not specific to your industry. This being the case, in your posts you must use hashtags that will browse specifically for your target audience.


The more specific you are the more interested you are and the more likely you are to be followers. More accurate tags will also decrease the number of competitors who are competing for the following of the same people. This will make it easier to find and therefore easier to follow your accounts.

4. Don’t be boring.

When it comes to ideas for Instagram subtitles, you must look beyond the obvious, one-word hashtags. Sure, you too would like to use it but mix it up to tell your story by using hashtags. You just don’t be born, funny, ironic, or scandalous. WeWork is a collaborative workspace company, and a fun mix of Instagram content is also present. Otherwise, if you want followers on Instagram just get in touch.


5. Use event-related hashtags

Hashtags related to events involve annual conferences, seminars, and workshops held in your industry.


They might also be famous events in your region, country, or the world that the masses are aware of at a time. Often these are best suited for your casual posts with a light heart. For instance, you have taken a picture of your team during lunch at the World Cup? Mail it don’t forget #worldcup included! While this may not win you many supporters as it is so general and popular, it can increase your business’ awareness, supporting your efforts to gain supporters.

6.  Participate in massively popular conversations. 

Use a mix of topical hashtags for each post, for example, like #woodworking for a carpentry company and trendy, super-popular hashtags, wherever you can.


eleven hacks into an Instagram famous hashtag for woodworking

The truly special hashtags are like long term keywords, because they are more intense, helping you to find the right people, but the trendy hashtags of universal trend help you get your business across to more people. These comprise:


#tbt or #throwbackthursday (or any of these 100+ hashtags for every day of the week)

#wbw or #waybackwednesday

#photooftheday or #picoftheday or #bestoftheday




#summer (or any of the seasons)


Or even the plain old #fun gets you overall in front of more people.


Just remember that popular hashtags shouldn’t be your strategy’s bulk. They attract a more general public but play their rightful role in your marketing success in social media because it can enhance your exposure and generate a commitment, possibly attracting new followers. When dealing with particular vs. general hashtags, you both need to grow as large and loud as Instagram on a network.


7. Take advantage of your bio URL. 

It’s your Instagram profile’s prime real estate… You want your bio to link just now and forever to your website? Yawn. – Yawn. Change this at least bi-weekly to your newest or most popular content and use the clickable link in your bio.


8.  Get descriptive with your captions. 

A thousand words worth pictures, but you can’t completely save the words. The National Geographic is fantastic to use storytelling to generate commitment and sharing alongside their Instagram photos. Although traditional media brands have fallen like flies, NatGeo has flourished digitally and has become one of the leading brands on Instagram with more than 50 million followers.


Like other Instagram hacks, this is something that you want to commit to working on over time, so don’t worry if it feels strange at first. As you find your brand’s Instagram voice your writing will improve.


9.  Go all in on influencer marketing. 

Visit the profiles of every person you have identified as an influencer in your space and visit the “Turn On Posten Notifications” (AKA a person influencing the people you want to see) to be informed when new content is being shared. You can then interact and become favorite people or brands with them on a regular basis.


10.  Remove unwanted tagged photos of you from your profile. 

You can use your Instagram profile to only have the best user-generated content for you or your brand. Now by selecting “Edit Tags,” by selecting which photos you want to remove, and by choosing “Hide from Profile” (you might need to confirm) you cannot entirely remove tagged photos from the site. It’s the fuck.

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