Institutional Diploma course in Embryology

Institutional Diploma course  in Embryology Infertility is a growing problem in the modern world and nearly 15% of the population in the world is affected by infertility. There is a severe scarcity of trained embryologists resulting in inadequate treatment. The right institute to learn the various procedures and techniques involved in embryology becomes crucial and challenging. GarbhaGudi Institute of Reproductive Health and Research aims to bring a revolutionary change in embryology education. Embryology is the study of the development of a fetus (early cellular development in human embryos or animal embryos) from the stage of fertilization to the full-grown infant. Embryology is often featured as an elective subject at the undergraduate or graduate degree levels. Some Bachelor’s degrees have a study of genetics, biochemistry, and stem cells in the curriculum. This course teaches the students the critical aspects of Embryology. This program is intended to train students in all aspects of the techniques related to Infertility treatment as a part of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. This program is very practical oriented with extensive hands-on and research-intensive. The objective of the course: 1.        To assist the students learn and understand the importance of Assisted Reproduction and techniques involved. 2.        To deliver intensive teaching of fundamental and applied aspects of subjects related to clinical embryology like human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility, and Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). 3.        To provide students theoretical and practical training in research and laboratory skills. Students are provided with intensive hands-on practical training in laboratory skills and ART, Comprehensive knowledge on human gametes and handling them including intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). 4.        To provide high-quality training in research methodology that may be applied to basic or applied aspects of reproductive science/clinical embryology in the future. 5.        To provide extensive hands-on experience on the various semen preparation techniques and their importance. 6.        To give training in maintenance of embryology lab and equipment, its QA and QC process. 7.        Understanding the role of embryologists in the Egg pick-up procedure, screening, denudation, analysis, grading, management, storage, and culture of oocytes. 8.        Hands-on experience in preparation for OPU, screening, denudation, oocyte grading and embryo culture 9.        Comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience on ICSI 10.        Extensive Hands-on, to be able to work as an Embryologist immediately after the course completion. 11.        Exposure to cryo-preservation and thawing of cryo-preserved semen, oocytes, and embryos with a hands-on experience 12.        Medico-legal aspects of ART, importance of documentation and the right way to document COURSE CONTENTS •        Anatomy and Physiology of Male and Female Reproductive system •        Fundamentals of Clinical Embryology •        Elements of Male and Female infertility •        Micromanipulation, IVF, and ICSI •        Cryobiology and Cryopreservation •        Project, thesis, and presentation By the end of the course, you will be able to perform •        Handling human gametes •        Various semen analysis and semen preparation techniques •        Embryology lab maintenance, embryology lab equipment maintenance, its QA and QC process •        Records keeping in the embryology lab •        Various culture techniques for embryology •        Embryology work related to Egg pick up procedure, screening, denudation, analysis, grading, management, storage, and culture of oocytes •        preparation for OPU, screening, denudation, grading, and culture •        hands-on experience on ICSI •        Thawing of cryo-preserved semen, oocytes, and embryos Advanced Opportunities for all Budding Embryologists •        ICSI HANDS-ON AND ALIGNMENT •        Eligibility criteria / (life sciences),MBBS, BVsc, BDS, MSc., •        Ph.D., BE (Biotechnology) Duration of the course – 6 months GGIRHR offers Advanced Opportunities for budding embryologists. The diploma in embryology helps to enhance their skills and knowledge about embryology. The diploma course gives an extensive hands-on and prepares you to work as an embryologist immediately after the course completion. A diploma in Embryology at GGIRHR is practical oriented and the learnings are implementable immediately because the faculty are all practicing clinicians and embryologists. The knowledge shared will be from their deep experience in the field of Reproductive medicine and embryology. Other salient features being: •        3 Faculty Presentations •        4 Student Presentations •        2 Journal Club Presentations •        Extensive Hands-on and Observations •        Submission of 1 Research paper •        Project Submission -in the 5th Month •        Online Zoom call or Face to Face class with Faculty Interested candidates can visit for more information Call: +91 89711 51111 Email:

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