Integrative Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy, or IYT for short, is an international leader and innovator in teaching yoga practitioners how to use all of their senses to heal the body. They work with individuals, couples, families, couples and groups.


Yoga is a natural way to bring balance to your life. You will feel empowered and refreshed by doing yoga. Integrative Yoga Therapy is a healing modality, based on the philosophy that your whole self is a beautiful expression of divine intelligence. The science of yoga believes that all energy is connected and is expressed through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of your body.

Yoga is all about learning to be more aware of yourself. Integrative Yoga Therapy teaches you to tune into and enjoy all aspects of your own being. The body is the ultimate expression of the mind. Yoga can help you connect to the larger purpose of your life and the universe. Yoga helps you to recognize your inner strengths and your hidden potential and to work on your limitations so that you can live a more fulfilled life.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yoga works together with all other forms of treatment to help you heal and grow. It works closely with your doctor to determine the best course of treatment. IYT combines traditional Chinese medicine and a holistic approach. The goal is to find the reason for your illness. Your doctor may suggest the need for medication. This is not a substitute for proper diagnosis. Once you find the cause of your illness, you can then take action to treat it.

Holistic treatment is not based on any one theory. There are many theories and there is no single one that will work for everyone. This is why different people may respond differently to treatment. You and your doctor should work together to figure out what you need. You have already learned about Yoga by participating in a class or through personal study. Now you know how to do yoga at home. The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical. It works on all levels of your life. You will find yourself feeling healthier and more energetic.

Health and Inner Peace

Yoga can help you to focus on your breathing and become more aware of the subtle changes in your body. By being in tune with your own energy, you will begin to understand your true potential and your purpose in life. You will realize how to live with more joy and vitality. As you become more comfortable with your body, you will find that your health and well-being improve. All your problems melt away as you find that inner peace and balance.

When you use integrative yoga, you create a positive mind-body connection. You focus on the present moment and you release negative thoughts. These thoughts are an integral part of everyday life. When you focus on these thoughts, your mind becomes clear. Your body begins to relax, and the energy flows smoothly. When your mind is clear, your body follows suit. Your muscles relax, your breathing increases, and your heart rate increases. Your mind becomes calm and you feel invigorated.

You will have the ability to be in tune with your body and to create a new level of awareness. You will have the ability to connect with your inner light and your true self. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and there are still many who practice this ancient form of healing and fitness. If you want to learn more about this great system, do some research online. Or, join a class. Whatever you choose, make sure that you seek the best information you can.

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