Investment Management Awards – How to Choose the Best Person for the Job

Investment Management Awards is an excellent way for financial managers to recognize the key players in today’s investment fund management market. It’s a recognition of their continuing work to deliver long term value to clients, and an acknowledgment of the hard work put in by a manager. These Awards are one of several Global Banking and Finance Review Articles that we produce every month. The purpose of this article is to introduce our readers to some of our other awardees. If you’re looking for a Global Banking and Finance Review Article about Investment Management Awards, this should be a good place to start.

Global Banking and Finance Awards are presented annually by leading financial institutions to their top management professionals. Many of these companies have hundreds of years of combined experience. These companies use these companies as an ideal platform from which to select their Best Investment Managers and Top Management Consultants. They also provide a forum for the other members of the IFA to share their experiences with these top management professionals.

When evaluating Investment Management Awards, look for three attributes – outstanding contributions to team performance, demonstrated effectiveness in developing and managing individual portfolios and excellence in developing and deploying portfolio strategies. The awards will also highlight those managers who have distinguished themselves through their own contributions to their teams, the companies they represent and/or their industry. In addition, you’ll find those managers who have particularly outstanding contributions to emerging technology or new business opportunities. You’ll also find those who demonstrate exceptional contributions to their areas of operations.

One of the best ways to recognize Investment Management Awards is to read the awards. Not only will you find the names and numbers of past and current award winners, but you’ll find additional information about the organization, which will help you determine if it is an appropriate venue for your company. For example, if the organization is dedicated to increasing the diversity of its employees, the diversity of its portfolio or the participation of women in global banking, you may want to consider presenting at an Investment Management Association event. On the other hand, if your company’s primary goals are to increase profits and market share, you needn’t look any further than the financial services industry to find an award winner that will help you reach those goals.

Investment Management Awards honors those managers and executives who have made an impact on the success of your firm, but the real value of these awards is in what they can do for your firm. After all, as mentioned above, many of these companies have been providing services to your business for many years, so when you present an Investment Management Award at an awards ceremony, you’re telling your A-Frame or small business partner that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get them the best service possible. You can show your commitment by increasing your staff, devoting more time to your firm’s operational needs, and more. This will demonstrate that your firm has an interest in not only the growth of your bottom line, but also in the success of every aspect of your business operations.

Before you make any plans for your Investment Management Awards events, be sure to gather additional information about each organization you are considering honoring. In particular, it is important to know whether the recipient is a member of an investment management firm, or if they are an independent consultant. The International Association of Investment Managers is the only association of its kind, and you’ll want to gather additional information about any other members of the organization that you may be considering honoring.

There are many Global Competitiveness Indicators (GCA) that can help you determine the quality and caliber of the individuals involved with global asset management. GCA Indicators range from -100 to + 1000 and can tell you a lot about the level of globalization your company or individual manager has reached. Keep in mind, however, that GCA ratings are not necessarily reflective of the companies or individual manager’s overall skill at managing and strategizing.

There are hundreds of Global Competitiveness Indicators that can be used to evaluate the performance of global firms. One of the best websites for the analysis of global firms is Quicken Loans, which offers a number of dynamic graphs of the rankings of different firms based on various metrics. Keep in mind, however, that these are not official rankings and should be used as only a guide. A far better idea of where your firm fits on the investment management spectrum would be to contact a qualified investment manager, or a partner with an extensive understanding of asset management.

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