Is a LiteSpeed web server fundamental for hosting sites?


LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop in substitution for Apache. In contrast to Apache however, it utilizes occasion driven engineering, as Nginx. It likewise is viable with all significant control boards. The significant advantage of LiteSpeed Web Server is that it works out of the container and incredibly diminishes the stacking seasons of sites

LiteSpeed is a web server that is known for giving fabulous execution and higher flexibility. A current Apache server can be displaced by a LiteSpeed server without making any modifications in the functioning system nuances and besides without destroying another cycle or program.

Litespeed web hosting can settle any huge bottleneck in your present web working with course of action. LiteSpeed incorporates incredible features and a straightforward web association solace that ensures a safeguarded and speedy web working with environment.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions:

OpenLiteSpeed Edition

The OpenLiteSpeed discharge is great for high-traffic locales. Nevertheless, this rendition works with no web facilitating control board. This adaptation is open source and can be used uninhibitedly.

Standard Edition

The standard delivery is great for little and low-traffic locales. It is suitable with the web working with control sheets like cPanel, WHM, and Direct Admin. This delivery is free for individual and master use.

Adventure Edition

The endeavor discharge is usually used for immense and high traffic locales and it works uncommon with all the web facilitating control sheets. This delivery is generally used by web working with associations to give an exceptional web working with experience to their clients. This delivery ensures robustness and execution.

LiteSpeed Features:

LiteSpeed is brilliant concerning pace and security. LiteSpeed is speedy conversely, with Apache and it moreover laborers the PHP content inside a restricted ability to concentrate time. In this way, LiteSpeed is seen as an ideal web working with reply for destinations using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal as it further develops PHP execution.

Here are some incredible LiteSpeed features:

Feasible With Apache

LiteSpeed is practical with Apache and one can profit from features like mod_rewrite, mod_security, and .htaccess. Apache configuration records can be really stacked by LiteSpeed and it can in like manner fill in as a replacement to Apache. LiteSpeed moreover works uncommon with all the web working with control sheets.

Unimaginable Performance And Scalability

LiteSpeed works on the show and flexibility of the web working with stages as it is made to ensure significance. LiteSpeed is good for serving incalculable clients at the same time close by ensuring minimal usage of laborer resources.

LiteSpeed’s code is perfectly updated for further developing the PHP execution and for serving the static destinations faster than Apache. Litespeed hosting similarly can manage the unexpected traffic spikes and it furthermore helps in dealing with the DDOS attack without the need of any DDOS board gear resources.


LiteSpeed works faultlessly with Apache’s mod_security feature and moreover has the counter DDOS incorporate. LiteSpeed includes versatile features like sales, per-IP affiliation, move speed stifling.

The IPs through which there is an unnecessary number of affiliations or requesting are blocked consequently keeping the attackers from annihilating your laborer.


Working with on a LiteSpeed laborer is a straightforward task and sensible too. The approving expense of LiteSpeed is lower when appeared differently in relation to any gear overhaul expected for propelling an Apache-based specialist. LiteSpeed diminishes the assistance costs through its shocking features ensuring a secured and stable working with environment.

Web App Acceleration

LiteSpeed contains a standard-pleasing ESI hold engine; therefore, LiteSpeed can realize complex putting away courses of action without any problem. This is a significant part for meeting the need of the significantly special web applications used by site administrators today.

Viable Hardware Utilization

Conversely, with Apache or NGINX, the LiteSpeed specialist ensures 2x-5x speedier page stacking speed close by 98% lesser laborer load. This returns to say that you can have incalculable clients on one gear stage. LiteSpeed reduces the hardware impression close by ensuring cost-saving in CapEx and other related rehashing costs.

Essential Management

The best thing about LiteSpeed is that administering LiteSpeed is inconceivably clear. LiteSpeed can without a very remarkable stretch read your Apache config records and supports the .htaccess archives. The planned control board modules in LiteSpeed ensure straightforward course of action and association.

You can switch between your Apache foundation and Litespeed webhosting and manage your site content on LiteSpeed with two or three ticks. You can engage save control for each record close by tag-based purging and modified clean up.

Express LiteSpeed Server Benefits For The Website Owners:

  • Diminish the page load times to half
  • Lessen the site response time basically
  • Increment the amount of the synchronous locales served
  • Convey lightning-fast web applications through LiteSpeed hold courses of action
  • Upgrade site security with in-developed against DDOS features

LiteSpeed Cache For Magento: Magento Acceleration

The LiteMage reserve is astounding and is worked for Magento stores using the LiteSpeed server. As the LiteMage store is a piece of the webserver, it swims from the overheads and correspondence gives that may unfavorably influence the other page holding courses of action.

LiteMage normally consolidates all the Magento foundations with LiteSpeed’s ESI utilization. LiteMage ensures the best Magento site execution close by a straightforward course of action.

Features Of LiteMage:

  • Edge Side Includes (ESI) engine for opening punching
  • Adjustable punched holes wanted to the squares described in Magento site page design
  • Principle page and public squares are held just a solitary time and served to every one of the clients
  • Recover various squares per request, thusly restricting the upward of multi-block pages
  • Support available for Last saw thing, stock trade, and thing assessment

LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress: WordPress Acceleration

LiteSpeed store for WordPress is a tweaked saving course of action that is made for hyper-dynamic WordPress destinations. This save expects close to no or basically no arrangement. As saving is performed at the webserver level, the upward is in a general sense decreased.

LiteSpeed store for WordPress is a conclusive and complete WordPress working with course of action. It offers single and multi-site support and it is furthermore reasonable with by far most of the standard WordPress modules.

Features Of LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress:

  • LiteSpeed hold for WordPress will reliably fill in as an advanced page
  • The default settings of this hold are upgraded for by far most of the WordPress foundations
  • Storing is done at the webserver level, thusly your website content is served quickly
  • Effectively versatile
  • LiteSpeed store for WordPress is suitable with single and multi-site foundations

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