Is cannabis an Effective Treatment for Leukemia?

Cannabis has been showing positive improvements in the patients battling with cancer. Though the impact of cannabis may vary as per the type of cancer. Not every type of cancer responds to the cannabis treatment well, however cannabis treatment for Leukemia that is the most detected cancer shows effect. 

Chemotherapy is the kind of procedure that eliminate the cancer cells from the effected organ and stop the spread. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy shows some side effects like body rashes, allergy, infection, mood swing, anxiety issues etc. Cannabis products produce through the hemp plant that is a natural product. Continuous research shows that compound within the herb could be effective at battling Leukemia and other form of cancer. 

Cannabis has been used as a medical herb throughout of years of human history Its illegal status is an extremely recent phenomenon and luckily many of medical patients and recreational users, prohibition appears to be coming to an abrupt end. 

Cannabis treatment for Leukemia isn’t necessarily to be shown as positive effect every time. Sometime the body doesn’t respond positively to the treatment, and cannabis treatment required to discontinue. 

About Leukemia: 

Leukemia is a most diagnosed and extremely dangerous form of cancer. In common terms, it refers as blood cancer. There is no proper known reason of Leukemia. As per the researches finding, exposure to radiation, certain forms of chemotherapy, smoking, chemicals, and family history are highlighted as the main reasons of Leukemia. 

Leukemia features the malignancy of blood cells. This commonly involves the production of abnormal white blood cells that are also known as leukocytes. The white blood cells contribute by maintaining the health and power the body to fight against disease, illness, and infection. 

White blood cells flow throughout the bloodstream or patrol against unwelcome intruders in the form of viruses, bacteria, and other malevolent invaders. Blood cancer causes uncontrollable growth of white blood cells that can result in infection and dangerous bleeding. 

Some alarming symptoms of blood cancers are pain in the bones or joints, swollen lymph nodes, fevers, tiredness, bleeding, regular infection, and weight loss. People get detected for blood cancer in their last stage rarely win over the disease. Treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant, and radiation don’t work. Cannabis treatment for leukemia only provide some relief in the pain areas to the patient. 

Cannabis and Leukemia: 

Some researches on the cancer patients to detect the effect of cannabis give positive result. The researchers say that cannabinoids have been shown to possess anticancer activity when used alone, although some of them show more potent effect against leukemia cells when combines. 

THC and CBD show more favourable effects when paired together as opposed to being used alone. During the research, it has been noted that using cannabinoid after chemotherapy resulted in a greater induction in the death of cancer cells. 

Overall, cannabis treatment for Leukemia may not be a permanent solution but it could provide some ease to the patient who are living their life in agony. 

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