Is it Time to Find a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Sale?

Everyone has different driving needs. What are yours? Based on what you do for work and fun, plus how large your family is, what you need is going to be different than a friend, family member, and coworker. Some people can simply hop in a small car and zoom off to their destination. That may work for some people, but not you. You have quite a bit to take along for the ride!

You know what it means to push your vehicle to its limits! Perhaps you are taking a lawn mower around town for work, then bringing an ATV out into the country for some play time on the weekends. It’s time to look into 5th wheel hitches. Does towing two different things mean you need a 5th wheel hitch adapter plate? What even is a 5th wheel hitch adapter plate?

Even pretty capable trucks and SUVs can not tow everything with the hitch the manufacturer provided you. They need an additional installation to handle the load. This is when you’ll need to look into trailer hitch receivers to see if buying an aftermarket hitch is right for you.

Some camper trailers use a fifth-wheel configuration, requiring the coupling to be installed in the bed of a pickup truck as a towing vehicle. The term “fifth wheel” or “5th wheel” is therefore sometimes used to describe this set up. These are great for traveling long distances, out of your city and maybe even out of the state. As you know, these long drives can get quite bumpy and uncomfortable very quickly. That is because the extra weight of the camper pulls your vehicle backwards while you are trying to drive forwards. This creates tugging and jarring, plus pretty poor gas mileage. You don’t need to give up your long drives or settle for towing less than you need to any longer.

Fifth wheel receiver hitches are available in several sizes and with multiple capabilities, so there is sure to be one that suits your exact needs and budget. If you want to know if a 5th wheel hitch is right for you, just ask yourself a few questions.

#1 Do I tow a lot? If you tow every day for work or even often on the weekends, like bringing a horse trailer to a show, you’ll want to say yes to this.

#2 Do I want a comfortable ride? Of course! Who doesn’t?

#3 Do I want to make sure my truck or SUV doesn’t need more than the necessary maintenance and repairs? It’s not just about gas mileage. Tugging and pulling wrecks your transmission.

If you answered yes to these questions, it is time that you look into purchasing a better hitch. Once you finally do, you won’t believe you waited so long to do something about the limited capacity of your current towing situation. Say goodbye to expensive repairs and a sore back after a long drive!

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