Is it time to forget Physical Events completely in 2021?

There is no denying the fact that we all enjoyed being a part of the physical events that engaged all our senses commendably. If humankind has known any interaction, undoubtedly, it is physical communication. Coming face to face with one another and comprehending each other’s ideologies is something that has been a part of society since forever. But, 2020 brought in a major change for all of us. It has brought in a fascinating technological advancement that no one ever anticipated. Yes, we are talking about Virtual Events!

What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events have taken the world by storm. With the covid-19 pandemic, the organizations around the globe were left with an enormous challenge in front of them. But, undeniably, they tackled it gracefully with strategic planning.

A virtual event can be termed as an online occasion that includes individuals associating in a virtual environment on the internet, instead of meeting in person at a location. Virtual events allow individuals to partake in online brainstorming sessions whilst maintaining their utmost solace. These online learning sessions facilitate people to connect with the organization or event of their preference through virtual platforms with the help of a specific link.

2020 saw a major inclination in the area of virtual events as they are considered quite effective and budget-oriented. Therefore, people do not have to worry about burning a hole in their pockets. Additionally, the mind-baffling concept of virtual events saw a stupefying twist with the innovation of hybrid events. These events are a perfect amalgamation of virtual as well as physical events.

As we all know, social distancing barriers have been lifted to a great extent. But, it is still not sufficient enough to hold an effective gathering of more than a hundred people. That is where hybrid events come into the picture. These events allow countless users to participate in a virtual event with the help of an assigned link.

If you are still confused about the concept of these tech-savvy events, don’t worry because we have got your back!

After carefully examining the impact of virtual events in society and consulting numerous experts, we have summarized our vital information in this article. Here, we will talk about what can be expected in the coming years and how the new technology of the virtual world is going to change our lifestyles. So, hang tight and continue reading further to enhance your psychological skylines.

1) Virtual Events are the new normal

Amidst the pandemic, individuals saw a great inclination towards digital events. While working from home and online classes acquired a significant amount of popularity, people also found a way to save precious time with the help of virtual events.

These digital innovations have opened new ways of going about our lives as they save us from unnecessarily channeling our time into activities like traveling, transportation, expenses, and so forth. Gone are the days of physically going to a location, waiting there for countless hours, scheduling your daily time table accordingly, and exhausting your energy levels over the chaotic transportation. Virtual events have facilitated individuals to savor the taste of valuable events from the comfort of their home! You can easily join any virtual event over a specially assigned link with any major difficulties.

If an organization is not investing in appropriate virtual events, unequivocally, they are planning to fail in the long run. Thus, it has become the fundamental expectations of every renounced organization. Therefore, make sure to put great endeavors into creating the best possible virtual platform for your audience.

2) They are accessible to a larger population

As we all know, individuals can tune into a virtual event from any corner of the world! All they need to have is a reliable network connectivity and a smart device. That is all it takes to partake in these informative digital sessions. Unlike physical events, these digital conferences do not have any seat limit. Countless individuals can become a part of the virtual meets that too at minimal expenses.

Thus, if an organization masters the art of providing appropriate content to their target audiences, it is a guarantee that it will be accessible to individuals around the globe.

This is one of the main reasons why virtual events are gaining an unconditional level of admiration from top-level organizations. These digital sessions can attract at least four times the audience than a physical event. Yes, you read that right! Virtual events can effortlessly attract more audience than expected. This in turn provides organizations with quite beneficial results.

3) They attract more sponsors

Any sponsorship in the physical event calls for unfathomable heights of expenditure. Organizations had to bear the expenses of setting up large banners, creating graphic content, printing innumerable pamphlets, and whatnot! Fortunately, virtual events as well as hybrid events are here to change everything for the good!

Individuals from around the globe are consuming the informative data provided on a virtual event platform. Thus, it is a golden opportunity for any organization to engage with its sponsors. Promoting or publicizing any product as well as service during a virtual event has proven to be extraordinarily beneficial for both the organization as well as sponsors. These events are entirely customizable and are extremely budget-oriented.

You can have a thorough discussion with your executive as well as brand sponsors to find the best suitable alternative available according to your content.

4) They allow you to opt for complete customization

As mentioned above, virtual events lure in more targeted audiences. Therefore, organizations have to come up with creative ideas to engage such a large audience. Keeping that in mind, web developers have started to offer complete customization according to the client’s needs. This new concept allows individuals to think outside the box and come up with a quirky methodology to attract people.

You can have a conceptualizing session with your sponsors and come up with the ultimate list of requirements. The 3D virtual events allow users to experience a life-like ambiance from the comfort of their houses.

For instance, you can inculcate your desired number of auditoriums, lobbies, exhibition halls and can even change the reception layout. There are complex measures that will help you attract more individuals while simultaneously providing you an opportunity to customize every aspect of your virtual platform.

5) The new future: Hybrid Events

Along with the technological advancement of virtual events, humankind has also seen innovation in the market, the hybrid events. These events are perfectly curated to showcase the best features of physical as well as virtual events. They have attracted a significant population of the gen tech freaks as it is not only quite affordable but is undeniably more effective than the mainstream options available out there. Hybrid events allow individuals to join through a virtual portal and enjoy the physical set up put together by an organization.

This is a perfect option to go about amidst this time of the pandemic. It allows individuals to come together and curate a perfect mix of physical as well as a virtual platform. It is expected to take over the world in the coming years, especially because it allows countless individuals to partake in a virtual event from any corner of the world. Moreover, the physical element available in these types of events makes it quite effective in general.


One cannot ignore the fact that virtual events are on the pathway to take over the world in 2021. Technological advancements have allowed individuals to become a part of any online session or virtual event from the comfort of their homes.

These digital innovations have proven to be quite effective in the area of managing finance, engaging audiences, and yielding better results. In the above-mentioned article, we have scrutinized some of the important aspects that will help you analyze the contribution of virtual as well as hybrid events in the upcoming years.

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