Is Melbourne Hosting your Veritable SEO Match?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely a critical factor of website development. No business can overlook this impact. The ultimate target of any business is to appear in google ranking. Hence getting ranking gives you an added advantage over your competitors. Web hosting in Melbourne provides you with a veritable SEO match for improving your high ranking.

Melbourne based web servers:

If servers are located within the same geographic area, nothing can be better than this since it is one of the key indicators for veritable SEO matches. Hence if you are running a business in Melbourne, you will need to have your server located in Melbourne as well. It not only provides you with speed improvement but also gives you the additional advantage of data sovereignty.

 Navicosoft provides web hosting services in Melbourne since we have our servers there. In addition, we provide you with added security, knowing that your website’s information fulfils the Australian data sovereignty laws.

Fast Servers:

Web hosting in Melbourne will lose its advantage if the server’s speed is less than optimal. Many web hosting services in Melbourne cram thousands of sites in one server and limit the performance so that they all can run.

At Navicosoft, we don’t oversell our servers and run only the latest enterprise server equipment. We ensure you to provide a highly optimized environment using the fastest platform for your website.

SSL Enabled:

Unlike most obvious ranking indicators, having an SSL enabled website is preferable. Google provides such websites with a small boost since the ultimate goal is to ensure that the websites are 100% HTTPS. This boost continues to increase over time. 

Isolation and IP Reputation:

 Your ranking is affected by other websites which are not even related to yours if you are on shared hosting or if your hosting company has a poor reputation. It also affects the email if you are sending it via your web hosting account too. Emails are marked as spam by the mail-server (i.e., your customers) and sometimes not even delivered to the intended recipient.

Navicosoft takes care of such an approach. We are among the preeminent web hosting companies. Our focus is on professional entities, and our only priority is serving focused business customers. Moreover, we have professional hosting, which includes Managed WordPress and VPS plans for dedicated IP addresses.

Geographic based domain name

If your customers are located in Melbourne, it should be your priority to opt for a geographically based domain name and web hosting services in Melbourne. A geographically based domain name works in favour because of the trust factor and, most importantly, SEO being the local. Google’s goal is to provide the most suitable search results as a search engine provider since it is a major part of geolocation. 

Reputation and Trust

Reputation and trust are veritable SEO match when it comes to web hosting. As previously defined, it is just a part of an overall strategy to gain trust with Google. It also allows the end-users to maintain their reputation and market your brand. 

One of the most vital reasons to adopt web hosting in Melbourne is to keep up with the reputation and trust in keeping your website up-to-date. Maintaining website security by plugins, themes, and extensions is the key to keep your esteemed reputation intact.

As a web hosting company Navicosoft, we properly assist you in every possible way. We provide you with the right tools to make the process simpler for you to manage your hosting. But if you lack the experience and time to manage your site, you can put it at risk. Navicosoft provides you with all the tools to self manage everything using Plesk WordPress Toolkit, or else you can leave it to our experts to do everything on your behalf.



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