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As time passes by, online poker is on the rise as it is pretty easily available nowadays and it can also earn you quick money just sitting at the comfort of your home. However, playing poker online can be a side hustle for some people when it clashes with their daily lives. The basic knowledge and understanding of poker will also help in improving gaming skills.

According to the question asked, yes, playing poker games is profitable in 2021, but you do need to work hard on your game. Like a few decades ago, it is not easy anymore. You might need to study a little bit more as well as have a professional approach to the game.

You might think about how online play poker is profitable. Let’s take a look:

Poker is much more difficult to play than five to ten years ago

We all know that games nowadays are harder to win than five or ten years ago. Many people who played have either gone broke or started quitting, and some just learned to play better.

When you play at lower stakes, then there are clear exceptions that you can find all the time. But overall, it is a natural progression. So understand that few people are just going to keep giving their money away forever.

This is why there is a constant need to bring new players into the game and make sure that poker is visible in the public eye.

The online poker boom is over, and everyone is returning to the normal state

After 2003, whatever we have now is just the return to the normal state of poker. Many forget that the game of poker has been around for a long time; for example, the first recorded game was along the Mississippi River region in the early 19th Century.

It has been popular in casinos and even played by professionals and amateurs for quite some time.

So after 2003 and 2011, when poker was insanely popular on a much bigger scale, it is now returning to a more normal state now. However, it is still much more popular than it ever was, even before the poker boom.

Poker is a kind of game that has a large and loyal following no matter where it is played, whether in casinos, home games, or online. However, this game still does not have that true breakthrough appeal to the broader public like movies or video games do.

It is not wrong because people will always view poker as a game of luck. More than luck, poker is a game of skills, and players use many poker strategies to beat other players or win a game again and again.

This type of large level of ignorance will also prevent the game of poker from gaining any mass appeal.

Poker is still a popular as well as profitable game nowadays

Many people underestimate how big this gaming industry is. There is no need for poker to be on ESPN every night or have celebrities playing it in order to have good games to play in.

Poker is such a game that many people from different countries like the US, Canada, England, Germany, France, Australia, etc., just love to play, and this game has become a part of their heritage and culture.

In recent years, poker has even caught the eyes of many places like Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Brazil. It is also gaining significant interest in Asian countries too like Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With this continued growth in online poker real money games, there is a steady supply of new players coming in.

New players mean that hundreds or even thousands of dollars are invested in micro stakes online games. 

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