Is the Congress party has launched the Assam bachao video contest?

The Assam Congress Committee has created the video competition on February 10, wherever they are inviting the peoples to create a two-minute video about the offense also the biggest problems that how the country is suffering. This Congress MP Gourav Gogoi said that the best videos will win rewards that consist of iPhone and award cash amount. People who participate in this contest are instructed to post a video with the hashtag to post about any media. This competition should be announced by the congress for the latest news trending in Assam also the best suggestion will also be in the party programme. The Assembly election will be held on April-May 2021.

How congress party has launched this one?

The Assam people make their two-minute videos about the biggest concerns and problems the state should be facing. The party will also keep their attractive prizes for the participants. The feedback from this struggle will tell us what are the most important issues to be taken by the government. This declaration will offer some solutions for these problems and what the congress MP party said while launching the declaration in the presence of the Congress president and Rajya Sabha members. Gogoi said that the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge and understand the problem. People who participate in this Assam bachao video Contest must post the video along with the hashtag #AssamBachao on any major group communications platform and then submit the link.

How to win the iPhone and prizes?

This prize is creativity among the youngster of the state. It’s the best time for the youngster to take the charge of their future and they can save the state from the BJP’s ruling. From the most essential items to the BJP’s plans has to implement against the people’s wishes. They also decide to run both peace and prosperity in Assam. These video issues can bring out the people who they are facing the state. Gogoi said that this is important because the BJP does not want them to discuss these kinds of issues. The students who eligible for election, people of the state can give their suggestions for the party through the online platforms. This video is about the issues and problems handling the state and citizens.  

Who can participate in this contest?

Congress leaders and workers across the state can participate in the contest just like ordinary individuals. People who living in the aboard can also join in the Assam bachao video Contest. The congress party is gearing up for an innovative process that may bring out the people against the BJP’s misrule. This attempts to muzzle the people’s voice with scaring and fearing till the Election Day. The people may show through this video how hopeless the judgment is facing Assam and to change it. This contest will run for the next 10 days till February 19. The government of the social media department has started huge social media fighter identification and engagement drive.

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