Is Your Partner a Cheater? Men Type Quiz

Men aren’t exactly known to be honest with their partners, so many women feel like they have to put up with some level of infidelity in order to keep their partner interested in them. But how do you know when it’s time to walk away? This men type quiz made for women will help you figure out if your partner is cheating on you and whether or not you should make him walk the plank or take him back.


9 Types of Men

Think you know your man? Think again. Here are 9 types of men and their most common characteristics. Find out which type you’re dealing with, so that you can better understand how to deal with them. Use caution when reading on if you’re currently in a relationship. Though we never endorse cheating, if your man resembles any of these descriptions, perhaps it might be time to consider ending things before they get worse.


Type 1 – The Casanova

The Casanova is a modern day Romeo. He knows how to flirt, charm and win any woman he wants. It doesn’t matter if she’s married or in a relationship, he is able to sweep her off her feet and get her into bed. This guy isn’t satisfied with one girl – in fact, he has many women on his radar at any given time.


Type 2 – The Family Man

If your partner frequently refers to you as my wife or my husband, that could mean something. In a study conducted by [redacted], researchers found that men who refer to their partners as their wife are more likely to cheat than those who refer to them as my wife. It has nothing to do with how he feels about you—the key is in how he thinks of himself and his relationship.


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Type 3 – The Commitment Phobe

The commitment phobe doesn’t want to be tied down with anything – not even their relationship. They don’t necessarily believe they’re better off alone, but they do want freedom and independence. They may also get bored easily if things are too monotonous.


Type 4 – The Player

While it’s easy to fall for someone who is charming and handsome, there’s always that risk that he just wants to play around. If you want to avoid getting your heart broken, you should pay attention to certain red flags. Is your partner always socializing with other girls when you go out together? Does he act like an overgrown kid or seem immature at times? Does he keep his cell phone on him at all times, even during sex and important events?


Type 5 – The Player Turned Serious

This guy is all about winning your heart and then dumping you when he’s ready to get serious. He isn’t out for just sex, but to find that special someone. You could be it, but once he’s ready to commit he will drop you like a bad habit.


Type 6 – The Player With Commitment Issues

You might think that commitment-phobes are bad news, but they’re actually great to date—as long as you aren’t looking for anything serious. Players like Casanova enjoy dating and sleeping around as much as anyone else; in fact, they even relish knowing that their partner is sleeping with others.


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Type 7 – The Emotional Manipulator

Men type 7 women always want to be on top of every situation, even when they are involved in a long-term relationship. Once they find themselves in such situations, their first reaction is to start manipulating their partner by using emotional tactics such as guilt trips and silent treatments. Men type 7 women constantly pressure their partners into admitting that they were wrong or apologize for something when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.


Type 8 – The Almost Relationship Guy

Of all of the eight types, Type 8 is by far, one of my favorites. He is almost relationship material but not quite yet and that’s why you’re not his girlfriend. He has all of these great qualities, like he’s successful and/or handsome (or both) and as he gets to know you better, he likes what he sees even more than before.


Type 9 – Mr. Almost Girlfriend

He’s Mr. Almost Girlfriend. He’s more than Mr. Nice Guy, but he’s not quite husband material yet. He knows exactly what you want and what to say (and do) to keep you on his hook long-term, so he can steal a kiss here and there without any risk of losing you.


Gut Feeling Doesn’t Always Mean Gut Feeling

Men tend to rationalize their cheating—if they cheat with one woman, it’s easier for them to think of it as no big deal. If you are involved with a man who cheats on you, however, know that your gut feeling is usually right. Many men will rationalize cheating—but if you find out your partner is doing so, that doesn’t mean they won’t do it again.


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