Keep an Eye on These Amazing Features of HP Laptops

HP laptops are known for their impressive features and their rugged and robust build. HP is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world, as it offers a wide range of devices to consumers. Depending on the consumer’s needs and requirements, HP offers dedicated laptops that cater to their specific wants. 

For instance, the brand offers HP Pavilion laptops to the casual consumer, while the high-end consumers can go for either HP Envy laptops or the HP Spectre laptops. HP Omen laptops are ideal for avid gamers, while students and budget-conscious consumers can choose HP Chromebook laptops.

It isn’t just the laptop-lines that intrigue the consumers and makes them choose HP laptops. The brand is also known for its innovation and technological ingenuity, which is reflected in the laptops it offers to the consumers. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new HP laptop, here are some of the amazing features you should keep an eye on.

Optane Memory

The latest, high-end HP laptops come with Optane memory. Unlike conventional memories, Optane memory isn’t RAM, and neither is it one of those traditional storages. The consumer M.2 Optane modules are available with 16GB capacity, or a 32GB capacity, and work as a cache memory bridge between the laptop’s RAM and its storage. This facilitates faster data transfer between all the three main components – RAM, storage, and the processor. What this does is, it speeds up every operation for the user, thus enabling faster response time and ultra-smooth operation of the laptop.

Optane memory is currently available in the best HP laptops, such as the HP Pavilion x360 2020 2-in-1 Laptop Computer. This laptop comes with 16GB Optane solid-state drive, which ensures that the laptop offers best-in-class performance at super-fast speeds. It also makes the HP Pavilion x360 laptop one of the best laptops in India.

Working Modes

For providing greater convenience, the latest HP laptops are convertible and offer four working modes. These include the normal working mode, where you can use your laptop as usual, and tablet mode, where you can use the touchscreen display while folding the laptop to use it as a tablet. You can also use the laptop in watch mode, where the keyboard and the edge of the screen act as a stand, and in-game mode, which enables you to play your favorite games with greater ease and comfort.

Ultra-HD Displays

Some of the best HP laptops in various price segments now come with 4K Ultra HD displays, which are ideal for you if you are someone that works for long hours on your laptop. Most of the laptops today come with either HD Ready or Full HD displays, so getting a 4K UHD display undoubtedly makes it easier for you to work on your laptop, or see videos and movies with utmost clarity.

Laptops with UHD displays are also some of the best laptops in India, as they pack impressive features. These include HP Envy Laptop 15-EP0098NR, HP Envy Laptop 17T-CG000 and HP Laptop – 15T among other models. Thus, HP laptops are compact devices that offer excellent features, latest technologies, and provide greater convenience.

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