Keep These Tips in Mind While Attending a Destination Wedding?

Combining traditional wedding experiences with novelty and exotic location charm, wedding purpose creates truly unforgettable memories for couples and the people they love. Along with the perfect execution of all functions, the top wedding planner in India ensures that wedding guests are guarded by all means. From providing guests with baskets that are personalized with luxury needs to share wise wedding favors, luxury wedding planners store eagle eyes on all aspects of guest management.

In the case you attend a wedding destination friend or family member, you still need to prepare you about some things to make your trip completely hassle and comfortable. To make it easier for you, we at Luxury My Wedding have compiled a list of tips that must make your experience impressive for all the right reasons!

Smart trip

Book flights or other tickets in advance, especially if the wedding takes place during the peak season. From your end, what you can do is share your travel date and ticket as soon as possible so that your trip is planned perfectly.

When choosing which suitcases will be taken, make sure that you take a larger suitcase that matches clothes, shoes, gifts, and other wedding needs. You also have to carry additional bags that will hold weddings or anything you get when shopping during your trip.


While the top wedding planners in India will do everything in their control to make your wedding experience comfortable, there are two important things you must remember to be packaged to avoid the hassle.

Remember to pack your medicines if you have sustainable diseases and kits of essential prevention drugs. Although there will always be a call doctor, a luxury wedding planner highly recommends bringing your own medicines with you because brands in international countries can be different and maybe not what you get used to.

Regardless of drugs, electronic items such as your mobile charger (bring the backup too) and a power bank (charged) will ensure that your cell phone battery will never die and will make you safe and accessible at any time. Also although most of the top planners will plan ahead for this, bringing multi adapters for international purposes is always recommended.

Weather conditions

Let’s say you are traveling for a wedding destination in Dubai. While Dubai’s best weather experience between mid-November and early December, people had to keep carrying a sun hat, extra sunscreens and lightweight clothes. The same applies to attending a wedding destination in Rajasthan where you will need similar accessories.

Now if the marriage occurs in the destination with a cooler climate, a lightweight jacket, sweaters and stylish shawls must be packaged – maybe even wearing the right winter, if needed.

Sightseeing & Local Shopping

When you travel to an exotic locale for a destination wedding, match some local sightseeing! Luxury My Wedding is a luxury wedding planner that ensures that wedding guests have a wonderful time, shopping and more. There are many ways to explore cultural tours, adventure activities or just soak in locations in personalized ways. Shopping is a very pleasant activity when attending a wedding destination in Dubai or wedding destination in Rajasthan – take local handicrafts, clothes and decorations and spices! All of this can be done by extending your stay or right between the packaged marriage agenda.

We hope these tips are helpful! Don’t forget, when it comes to planning your own wedding destination, renting the top wedding planners in Jaipur to get the best hospitality and service. Luxury My Wedding can promise that this makes a big difference in making your wedding experience truly satisfying.

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