Key Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Adults can suffer from missing teeth, whether they are due to congenital problems, trauma, or untreated decay that leads to tooth loss.

The fact that something is common does not necessarily mean that it should be ignored. Safety in numbers is not a factor in dental health or health in general.

What are the available options for adults who have lost a tooth or teeth?

What Are the Common Causes of Missing Teeth?

It may surprise you to learn that congenitally missing teeth is a condition that affects around one in 30 adults in the UK, on top of this there are those who have lost a tooth or teeth in an accident and also many cases where untreated decay has led to tooth loss.

There are many thousands of people in the UK who have one or more missing teeth.

We can guarantee you that missing teeth are an issue that our dentists address with skill and compassion. In fact, we have fitted more than 20,000 implants. This is what it looks like.

There are many reasons to have your missing tooth or teeth replaced

Self confidence

Missing teeth can affect your self-esteem and confidence.

People who have missing teeth might cover their mouths when talking or laughing, or avoid smiling or other actions that may expose their teeth.

Other Teeth Are Overworked

Each tooth serves a purpose, whether it is chewing food or speaking clearly. The bite pressure can be affected by missing teeth. The remaining teeth can experience an increase in workload, shifting positions or succumbing due to wear and tear.

Bone Structure can Alter

The gum and bone of a missing tooth can become less stimulated, which can cause the jaw bone to shrink and the gum to pull back. The risk of tooth loss can also be increased by the possibility that nearby teeth are affected.

An individual’s appearance can also suffer. A reduced jaw bone makes the face look older, and hollow cheeks make it more likely that the cheeks will sag.

Enjoy a Full and Varied Diet once more

Many people find that missing teeth can make it difficult to enjoy food and limit what they can eat.

Depending on how you treat missing teeth, it may be that food is no longer available to you.

Long-Term Solutions

Different options for replacing missing teeth offer different longevity levels. Although a partial denture might seem cost-effective, it lasts for five years in 40% of cases.

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants are 98% successful and can last a lifetime.Because the implant is a part of the jawbone, it replicates the function of natural teeth.Implants will remain effective for 15 years in 90% of cases.

The cost of treatment for missing teeth can be expensive, but when you consider the ongoing costs of dental care that could resolve the many problems caused by missing teeth, this investment will likely pay off in the long-term.

There are many options for replacing missing teeth

Anyone who is considering replacing missing teeth has many options. It all depends on your budget, current oral health, the number of missing teeth, and other factors.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are made up of either a removable acrylic or metal plate that holds one or more artificial teeth in their place.

This is a cheap option but it also has the lowest long-term success rate – only 40% of cases last five years.

Partial dentures can be removed and offer a different experience than implants which work the same way as natural teeth.

Resin-bonded Bridge

This procedure fixes an artificial tooth to the backs of adjacent teeth using metal “wings”. This treatment is highly successful with the bridge lasting at most five years in 88% cases. However, the average life expectancy is seven years.

The only problem is that it is sometimes possible to see the metal holding the artificial tooth in position through the natural support tooth.

Conventional bridge

A conventional bridge is an artificial tooth/teeth fixed in place using crowns.

This treatment has a higher success rate than other options and can be used for a longer period of time. It is possible to damage adjacent teeth when they are “filed down”, in order to make room for the bridge.

Dental Implant

Implants have the best success rate, and they are the closest option to natural teeth.They are. They maintain bone levels after the teeth are removed.

They are extremely durable and have a high success rate. They can be treated just like natural teeth in terms of appearance and function.

A dental implant is the most costly option but they can last for many years.

In a recent post, we listed our reasons for favouring this particular treatment option for missing teeth .

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