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Kids fashion – Style vs comfort What would you choose when it comes to outdoor gatherings and parties.

Kids fashion – style vs comfort is the hot topic in kids clothing industry now a days. Looking good is a dream for many, yet is it comfortable to wear that dream? Alas, for many years, fashion has been all about sacrificing our comforts to look stylish. What if we feel this by wearing more comfortable fabric, we will not have to fix the straps or just lining beneath!

There are many clothes which make us feel comfortable but are not wearable for outings or parties, they actually don’t look much presentable, especially here is the habit of judging people by their outfit. Clothes like baggy T-shirts, hosiery shorts, and a pair of crocks sound so fascinating. It is like watching Netflix with snacks sprawled on the bed, that satisfying feeling, unlike a feel of a short glittery dress with pencil heels. Ouch! I think I just got hurt by the thought of it.So, the story of style and fashion has begun way before but has taken an important place in the last two decades.

It’s been so long that style and comfort; were thought off two different things, but now after the researches and development they ought, to get one at a certain point, maybe a dress is not as comfy as baggy t-shirts but, it surely doesn’t prickle anymore. Pencil heels do hurt but, a little foam pretty much heel it. All this is after the thoughts of experts in this matter to resolve and give a better pursuit to fashion and comfort.


Now, what I do is; I wear whatever the hell I want to when I’m at home but, every morning before stepping out of my house, I decided to doll up for the outside world. The case is that most people do, prefer comfort over style, but if this was the only scenario, then uncomfortable dresses would not exist!!

Ongoing about this, there are two types of girls

–       Heels or flats

–       Dress or joggers

– Makeup or no make up

Many people are trying to balance all of their preferences. But ultimately, there will be a ceremony where you will have to adjust your clothes to look presentable enough. So here are a few comfortable clothes hacks that make you look presentable without the need of sacrificing your comfort!

Let us start with everyone’s dressing ward speciality:

A tank top styled:

 Now, this is my personal favorite. It looks so elegant, a black tank top with any color shrug and blue/black jeans with black shoes! I think this is one of the best #ootd for summers as, well as winters as the shrug cloth can vary to woolen or cotton. It is good to go to an office or dinner! This outfit is like a WANT.

A tank top can also be styled, with a long skirt and the color of your choice, with bellies and a thin bracelet.

  • Oversized hoodie styled:

 If it is a breezy day, an oversized knee-length hoodie is the best with a pair of sneakers. At times of winters, an oversized hoodie with black jeans and shoes companied with a silver chain and a beanie! I mean, winters without beanies are unimaginable. What a masterpiece for a casual outing!

Kids fashion – style vs comfort is an issue which no one discusses anymore.We should focus more on this issue.

  • Blazer styled:
kids-fashion-style-vs-comfort -1

A black blazer is a type of clothing which goes with everything and trust me, it looks super elegant and is comfortable! Whether it is a regular day or a special one, it is perfect for both. You can wear it over a shirt or a dress to keep warm and stylish. It can be an office day outfit or a party outfit. Nobody can ever be bored of a blazer, as far as I have researched. It gets 8.5/10 on the grading scale.

kids fashion – style vs comfort trend needs to be addressed more specifically so that designers can bring in more solutions.

Denims styled: 

Our wardrobe must have one thing in common that is denim jeans, denim shirts, denim jackets, or even a skirt. Denim has been in style for so long and, I have not seen a time it has ever faded, whether it is winter or summer, there is always a thing for denim! Black jeans with a top and a denim jacket with leather boots are my favorite so far. Yet there are many other options such, as a top with a denim skirt, you can adjust denim according to your own will.

  • Scarves styled:

 Okay, think of a white formal shirt, black trousers, bell bottoms, and a brown scarf. Scarves are a plus in our dressings, there are so many ways to fold them on our necks that I’ve even lost the count! Waist scarves get so fancy at certain times too. So here you go with some interesting ideas to make your life smooth, with at most comfort and style.

I hope this helped you out of your prickly clothes and provide you with the awesomeness of clothing with simple ideas.

kids fashion – style vs comfort is one of the latest topics which should be discussed with kids fashion industry experts.


Times of choosing comfort over style is over, and here are some easy yet awesome ways to present yourself in front of the world without them making a fuss about what you look-like. Such things get you so comforted that you can enjoy what you want to. Surely, you will have more ways to dress, I hope you could connect with me and share, some more of your favorite ways!

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