Knock Over the Challenges of Remote Working with the Leading Edge Zoom Clone


The pandemic crisis has flipped the world in various ways. The thing here is not about making people ill but making everybody weak. There are many things going on around us like the crash of the global economy, increasing numbers of casualties and significant recession period and so many things to take into account. But one thing is crystal clear – nobody has got any idea about when it would end. 

With the flights suspended and international borders sealed, the countries that had a slight hope of recovery are also suffering from the deadly second wave. The virus has created a lot of disruptions in many countries, including the US. The government has imposed a lockdown to tackle the situation, and people are asked to maintain social distancing, which caused the shutdown for schools and colleges. 

At the same time, companies have adopted a new method by using video conferencing apps like Zoom. Work from home has become the only option to consider now in this challenging time. 

Contemporary concept in communication

Work from home is not the latest concept. It has gained a lot of attention in recent times because of the sudden rise in gig workers, and freelancers. Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the remote working concept is the most needed one, regardless of the industry, its scale or size. Right from the rise of vision, its accountability has become the topic of discussions. True to the popularity, the remote workers have given a boost to productivity and have improved the morale of the employees. 

But some might also wonder if it is a good option for a longer time. Just like everything has its own positives and negatives, the awakening of remote working also comes with as many challenges. The major hindrance is that the startups lack the technological infrastructure stopping them from adapting to the small working advantages.

Without any conventional techniques and agenda for maintaining the culture and value of the organization along with the minimal knowledge of the remote working applications, several companies are finding it hard to exploit this facility. There are also other factors yielding difficulty in adapting this concept. Let’s look at them now. 

Communication barrier

The key to the coordination of employees is communication or team collaboration. But the interruptions while official communication is one of the common factors that allows having a backlog in the meetings. With the office atmosphere, it would be easier to meet employees and discuss things in person but using remote working tools can reduce transparency, leading to distrust, doubts and even conflicts between the team members. The work from home setting won’t give a similar level of engagement. 

Reduced employee engagement

People find it comfortable to work from their homes because of the perks it offers. It can save them time and from stress. But the employee engagement rate is fluctuating, especially for the newly hired employees. Apart from these, the distractions from working from home have also caused employees to procrastinate work. To overcome these, companies should head up and have to hold some sessions for their employees’ well-being. The seniors should guide them to get used to the remote working environment. 

Technical glitch

Since the remote working concept is not a real challenge in the digital era, though it might not be a real challenge for the organizations, there are also cons. The companies that are located in the Tier-II cities or outside metros or the employees who come from low-income backgrounds find it as a significant challenge. 

Sometimes even the best arrangements can face problems like crashes of the applications, broadband limitations etc. To get hold of this situation, companies have to take care of certain things like to streamline their apps so that the employees can make use of every tool they need. The organizations can also provide their employees with individual laptops, which may refrain from disrupting the performance of individuals. 

Security regards

The most common factor in the concept of remote working is security. It is mostly a threat to large-scale businesses. According to research and studies, remote workers are more disposed to cybercrime. That leads to the malware attacks and theft of important information. If you consider, you may know that even personal laptops and pieces of information are prone to get used illegally. So, think about an organization. 

When the employee starts working with the company’s database, there is a huge possibility for the entire company’s security to get jeopardized. So, it is imperative for the organizations to pay attention to deploying the firewall, to verify the endpoint before the employees start working with their personal devices. By this, third-party data breach and ransomware attacks can be dismissed. 

Even when there are a lot of challenges in the remote working concept, launching an app like Zoom and implementing best strategies can bring in heaps of results. Apart from just productivity gains, it can be cost-effective, creates a better balance between work and life along with flexibility and independence. 


Living in the high-tech era has its advantages and to make things easier and useful for organizations, Zoom Clone app can be used as the best solution. They are of best help in bridging the communication gap and in grabbing the young generation’s attention, just like every entrepreneur wishes.

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