Know A To Z About Men’s toupee

Due to a combination of stress & environmental factors, male pattern baldness is on the rise. Because of this, hair replacement methods are in the spotlight. Men suffering from hair loss can opt for two choices.

  1. Surgical hair replacement methods
  2. Non-surgical & non-invasive methods

Whilst #1 might offer a permanent solution, it carries numerous risks and complications. All things considered, non-surgical & non-invasive hair replacement methods like men’s toupee seem to be the perfect, affordable and comfortable solution.

What Is A Men’s Toupee?

A toupee is an artificial hairpiece that has either human or synthetic hair attached to its base which can be glued or taped to the scalp of the wearer. A toupee slightly resembles a wig in terms of attachment to the scalp but differs in the coverage area.

There are many variations of toupees in terms of styles, colours, etc., and the difference lies in the hair material used and the type of toupee base to which the hair is attached.

Types of Hair

Mainly, there are two types of hair material available to be used in toupees: natural and synthetic hair.

1. Natural Hair

As the name suggests, natural hair is not artificially manufactured but real human hair that’s attached to the base of the hairpiece. Such type of hair material provides a natural-looking appearance and offers more versatility in terms of styling, parting hair, etc.

2. Synthetic Hair

On the other hand, synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibres which are stronger and more resistant to degradation. But there’s a compromise with naturalness and styling ability.

Types of Bases

Another important glossary term of a toupee is its base. There are two main variations:

1. Lace or Fabric Bases

The base is made out of nylon or other fibres to which the hair is manually tied, allowing the wearer to part it wherever they want, providing 100% free movement of hair to them.

2. Skin or Polyurethane Bases

These bases look more like a thin layer of skin to which hair is attached and provide a more natural hairline to the wearer. They are tough to distinguish but are also less ventilated than the lace ones.

Essential Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Measure cap size before buying a men’s toupee online.
  2. Purchase in bulk rather than individual units.
  3. Do not forget to take the adhesives: glues, tapes, clips, etc. with the toupees.
  4. Identify your face shape and structure and then consult an expert regarding which style shall suit you the best.
  5. Wash your hairpiece with products recommended by the manufacturer twice a week.
  6. Do not leave the hairpiece’s hair tangled.
  7. Sleep on a satin pillow to avoid matting when using a toupee.


A toupee is a perfect solution for men with incomplete hair loss since the coverage area is mainly limited to the crown part. In comparison to a hair transplant, toupees are highly recommended since they do not impose any risks or side-effects in the long run, are cheaper and reversible.

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