Kodachadri Trek – You have something to know


Located deep within the Western Ghats in Shimoga district, Kodachadri is home to a lush green jungle trail through thick tropical forests, picturesque waterfalls, and magical landscapes and is the tenth highest peak in the State. It is also a great backdrop to the Temple Moola Mookambique, which is believed to be Goddess’ place of origin in Mozambique. It is situated in the Mookambique Wildlife Sanctuary. Catching a glimpse of the Arab Sea by the evening sun from its summit is an enchanting experience; a combination of a few peaks in the region, mountain, and ocean.



In addition to a few others less explored, there are three key routes to the top. The most frequent and difficult is from Sampekatte to Marakuttaka via Hidlumane Falls. This trail is very steep and sturdy and requires you to cross dense woods, gentle streams, and climb a waterfall which during peak monsoons becomes a whole different ballgame. Although you’re working, you’ll remember the ride to the top with magical views, untouched woods, and difficult climbs at every corner of it and be proud of it.


One from Karakatte via the Santhosh Hotel is another relatively easier road (Trek Route 2 in the image above). Private cars can easily enter the little village in the hotel and from there you can get to the summit for approximately 4-5 hours.


In fact, the third trail is a jeep track and is the longest of the three and you can go down from Kodachadri if you choose a jeep.


Both 3 trails end up at the Moola Mukambika Temple that also houses a PWD guest house and many homestays, a landmark on your way to the top. The top is approximately 2 kilometers away.



The route through Hidlumane falls is the one taken by the unplanned team from Plan The Unplanned in May 2018 and I will concentrate on it as such.


As our trek lead describes well, Jatin, who is also one of the founders of PTU, mainly has five milestones to look out on.


The first is an open meadow area that comes out from none of the dense paths through the forest. Many paddy fields later, the trail leads finally to a house where the exhausted trekkers can expect a little treat. Warning Spoiler, the difficult part of the trek begins from here. In reality.

Best time to visit.


The trek Kodachadri can be done throughout the year and has its own charm every season. Nevertheless, it is better during the monsoon or post-monsoon season because the landscapes live with greenery. However heavy rainfalls and the erratic weather of Kodachadri trek will make it much harder to cross the cascades and trekking here is more difficult.

What to do? HOW


Kodachadri lies on the Shimoga-Kollur motorway and the nearest (20 km) is Kollur, which connects through Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai to major cities. Bangalore is approximately 400 km away from Kodachadri and the ideal route is Bangalore, Tumur, Arzikere, Shimoga, Hosanagara, and Nittur. The distance to Kodachadri is 400 km by road. And from Kerala, from Mangalore, from Udupi, from Baindur, from Kollur.


The nearest railway line is in Kundapura, approximately 50 kilometers from Kollur, and Mangalore is approximately 150 kilometers away.

FOOD & Lodging


The PTU people had arranged our stay at Sampekatte, the start of our trek was a short drive away. This was as close to home as a homestay could come and the purely authentic local vegetarian cuisine they served here was a delight to the senses and an experience in itself. Add to that the extremely nice old couple running the house, look after your every need.


A handful of other homestays are available across the city. However, prior booking is a must for both of them.


If you wish to remain closer to the Kodachadri peak the only choice is to book a room in advance at the PWD guest house near the Moola Mookambika Temple. There are also a couple of homestays here that offer basic facilities. Since January 2015, however, camping on the summit of Kodachadri is strictly forbidden by the Forest department.



One of the highlights of the trip to Kodachadri is that as you are a one-day trek, you just need to take what is necessary with you. A compact and durable 20-liter backpack, multiple 1-liter water bottles, a predictable rain jacket, a sun cover, a few energy snack snacks, a packed lunch, as well as a simple first-aid kit are all perfect.


A cozy pair of shoes with a strong grip is a must (Waterproofing though not compulsory will have added benefits while crossing waterfalls or streams). Pants or paddles are a little more defensive against these hungry leeches, but these suckers are still able to find their way inside.



In the 1940s, his journey to Kodachadri found Kuduremukh and Kumara Parvata to be the most beautiful among the 3 mountain tops on the Karnataka coast, and rightly so. However, depending on what you want to perceive, the case may or may not happen today. Decades of erratic tourist traffic and pilgrimage undoubtedly influenced this natural heritage site.


However, these gentle forests and mountains still take care of all the souls who are set in the bounds of them, providing them with plenty of shade and a place to rest whenever it gets too hot. If this can only be thoughtful to us humans. When visiting such places, I advise you to travel responsibly. Take back lifetime memories and only leave traces.


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