Latest Custom Home Designs Trends You Should Know

A home is the most beautiful place for all where they get ultimate peace and relaxation, joy, and love from their dearest ones. Whether you plan to build your dream home in the New Year or renovate or redesign your home to make it more stylish and comfortable, knowledge and information about the latest design trends will enlighten you to choose your preferred design style.

Check out these trending styles for modern custom home designs that will enhance your home’s looks and functionality and make it more comfortable and organized.

  • Designing a Mudroom or Cubbies

Many people prefer to design a mudroom or cubbies near a garage door or an entryway that helps store footwear, rain jackets, junk mail, backpacks, etc. It keeps the clutter in one place and lets interiors be free from them to look organized.

  • Tiles with Patterns

When installing tiles for backsplash or bathroom floor, black and white tiles or tiles with bold patterns often make an outstanding impression with its timeless look. You can use white tiles with grey or black grout to lend extra character and dimensions to your bathroom.

  • Exposed Wooden Beams

The farmhouse-style home has gained popularity. Thanks to its elegant looks, that makes it homey, warming, and comfortable. If you desire to achieve this stylish look, you can add exposed wood beams in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. The exquisitely finished wooden beams will enhance the flair of your rooms.

  • Open Kitchen Shelves

With the farmhouse, style trend comes open kitchen shelves that people love to have in their kitchens. You can make them more beautiful by combining it with an impressive backsplash made of uniquely shaped tiles. It will make your kitchen look cozy and stylish.

  • Light Wood Floors

Millennial homebuyers prefer to make their spaces look light, airy, and modern with a traditional touch. Wooden flooring, wood shelves, or laminates are increasingly becoming popular in the living spaces. You can check out with your contractor for the most suitable options before installing them.

  • Painted Brick

Painted brick gives your home a modern and stylish look without compromising on quality and energy efficiency. It will continue for many more years.

  • New colors

Many luxury home designers and owners prefer colored appliances, two-tone cabinets, and kitchen styles. Colors evoke emotions and add variety and a new character to space. From kitchen and bathroom lighting and plumbing fixtures to cabinet fixtures, plain white or gray gives way to orange, rose gold, and gunmetal cabinet fixtures. Many renovation shows and Silicon Valley companies have popularized this concept and design trends.

  • Virtual And Augmented Reality For Showcasing Units:

When it comes to showcasing the design and looks of residential or commercial properties, Houston home builders look for ways to use virtual and augmented reality for it. Prospective homebuyers can get a 360-degree view of the luxury apartment units. Likewise, builders use cutting edge VR and AR technology to let homeowners see how their new bathroom or kitchen would look after renovation or remodeling them.

New Materials For Countertops

With the changing countertop materials, people now prefer quartz over granite countertops with the declined quartz price. Apart from Granite, Quartz, other materials are also being researched that can soon replace them like Dekton.

Hiring a renowned and experienced home builder for your new home construction or remodeling of your home is essential to get impeccable home building services. An award-winning Houston home builder will bring to the services their expertise, experience, and professionalism that will help you build a home of your dreams at a budget-friendly price. Hence, it makes great sense to consider all the essential factors while choosing your licensed contractor and finalizing the deal for your home construction or renovation.

If it is a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom remodeling, you may be puzzled by numerous options and factors to consider. A professional, experienced contractor will make the task easier and work closely with you, giving you the much-needed suggestions, quality building services, and fabulous results. They will help you transform your bedroom or home interiors into an oasis where you will get maximum joy, peace, and relaxation. Hire a proficient, award-winning Houston homebuilder and gain maximum leverage from their expertise and experience. After all, a home is the most valuable and prized possession for you that you will love to have for a lifetime.


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