Latest Trends in Hand Block Print clothing you should know about

Hand block printing is one of India’s finest ancient textile arts. The making of beautiful designs and patterns on fabrics by stamping them with specially carved wooden blocks is just fascinating. This art has been passed down between generations and with new generations come new trends.

Earlier mobile phones were in trend but they got replaced with smartphones and they are going to be replaced by something better and advanced in the future. Trends keep changing with generations and there is just one rule, the one who doesn’t change themselves with trend become absolute.

That’s why even in hand block printing articles are being created that is on the trending list loyal customers. Listed below are the latest trending articles in hand block printing that one should know about.

It’s a worldwide trend

Hand block print Sarees, suits, and clothing manufacturers from all around India have utilized the creative technique of hand block printing for designing beautiful dresses that involve salwar suits, sarees, and a wide range of clothing articles.

The artwork on these lovely fabrics portrays the hard work and dedication of the artisans who created them. Human imperfections are featured on them through the designs on tailored hand block print fabrics.

Making these clothing articles require skill so they can only be made by experienced professionals, they are always working with their full potential to meet the demands of consumers. Unstitched cotton salwar suits, chanderi hand block print sarees, and chanderi unstitched suits are always highly demanded by consumers and so are in trend.

The general popularity of this wonderful art is heritage and has been adopted by younger generations as it is gaining high momentum across the world, hand block printing has become known to the world and is gaining immense popularity across the world helping local brands make their name internationally.                   

Latest trends in India’s ancient art

Salwar suits: – Salwar suits with chikan works on their fabric can give any woman a desi girl look, why should women wear western when they can look even more fashionable by wearing salwar suits that are handmade and 100% local. These salwar suits can be worn at casual as well as formal events.

Sarees: – Traditional sarees are out of trend now; it is the time of Hand Block printed sarees. They are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, the choices can make any girl go crazy for them. Still, if any women want a traditional look they can add chikan accessories to their sarees. In both cases, they are going to look glamorous.

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