Learn how explainer videos can facilitate your business

In the contemporary digital world, videos have become the most loved medium for people worldwide. The demand for explainer videos have increased because more and more businesses are utilizing it in their marketing and growth strategy. Let’s learn about the kind of explainer videos that can facilitate your business and provide remarkable benefits.

Animated explainer videos

An animated explainer videos can showcase any concept, product or idea most beneficially and attractively. The reason why kids who have drifting attention spans can sit for hours at a stretch and watch cartoons is that animated visuals trigger vibes that make us feel attracted towards a certain type of product. So many tech companies use animation in their videos because animation does a great job of explaining IoTs and its role in our lives.  Animated video for business are most frequently used in branding strategies because they provide an easy way to integrate colours, styles and themes and incorporate in the marketing media or as a part of the website.

Live-action explainer videos

This type of explainer video is very beneficial for explaining services and products that are otherwise a little too complicated to understand. Live-action explainer videos serve as a powerful tool to get in touch with your audience when you run a business. The truth is that people love seeing people and when they do see them on screen, it helps your brand to build a powerful emotional connection with your audience.

Branded videos

This kind of video content is supposed to be the most effective because branded videos target prime audiences without mentioning the company or the product at all. It’s kind of contradictory but it helps in building brand awareness because the audience will anyhow know that the product belongs to your business. Such videos help in reinforcing your brand name.

 Live video streaming

Live video streaming is a very widespread trend. People are creating videos regularly these days because everyone has a smartphone. Although live video streaming is not an explainer video, it can be explanatory in its nature. In the streaming, you can talk about your product/service. You can also channel what works best in building trust amongst your potential customers and generating engagement.

Testimonial videos

 These forms of explainer videos are very effective trust-building devices because they involve expressing personal experiences about certain products and video animation services by customers who have used them and assure their quality. When you blend testimonials with explainer videos you create a powerful medium that brings in an influx of customers.

Product Explainer Video – In depth Study

 Digital marketing agencies are constantly looking for ways to reach potential customers and convert them. The good news is that product explainer videos provide a great platform to do both. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, if pictures are worth a thousand words then videos should be worth more than a million. Let’s learn about all the features that make a product explainer video both engaging and informative.

What is a product explainer video?

Any video that seeks to explain the essence of a product and what its benefits are, can be classified as a product video. A product video effectively explains and depicts the value proposition of a brand’s product. A good product video conveys the message that whoever is watching must immediately stop doing everything else to buy the product.

What makes a good product explainer video?

Many marketers make the common mistake of focusing their product videos on the unique features of the product instead of looking at how it solves the pain point. Customer is king, which is why a good product video must not only focus on the features of the product but also demonstrate how it can solve their problems.

Types of product explainer videos

There are two main types of product videos any marketer can choose from. These are:

  • User-created product explainer videos
  • Brand created product explainer videos

Both the videos have their advantages as to when and where they play into the customer’s journey. Let’s learn about them in detail.

User-created product explainer videos

If we go by the name, user-created explainer videos are made by ordinary people. Product reviews, product unboxing videos and how-to videos are examples of such videos. User-created product explainers are advantageous in two ways. Firstly, they are free since ordinary people create them and secondly, they are viewed as more trustworthy.

Brand-created product explainer videos

Brand created 2d explainer video company allow the marketer/business more control over the product. This includes animated explainer videos, feature videos and product demo videos.

While user videos can work both before and after the customer purchases the product, brand videos push them to buy the product in the first place. Other benefits of product videos include higher conversion rates and enhanced brand awareness.

To conclude

Product explainer videos are great. Not only do they help you build a strong connection with your audience, but they also help to increase brand awareness and make sales. If you’re looking to make the most out of your e-commerce business and increase your investor value then you need to invest in product explainer videos.  Apart from these facts the animated explainer videos help in overall growth of the business as seen from the latest trends. Everyone should apply these tactics in their business strategies for immense growth.

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