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Most of the men are not considering their selves as big fans of jewelry and accessories, these Leather cord bracelets can be pretty intimidating for even the most stylish guys, but once they fall into this trend they cannot get out of it easily. Braided leather bracelets are an effortlessly cool accessory that will match any outfit; it will not be hard to integrate it into your everyday looks. They’re simple-yet-stylish, and it looks really great next to a watch.

These bracelets are a timeless casual accessory, It has been carried over the last ten years, but it has not declined at all, it continues to remain as an essential fashion element. It is finally, time for men’s jewelry to shine!

Personally, I think that these types of bracelets are a great detail when you have to make a gif, they suit very well for all men in general, they will defer you from the rest of the men and they are very durable!. You can find them in many different ways, braided leather can be found in many shapes, sizes and colors. From vintage tones, matt colors to so many different prints (snake, metallic,…). Do not stay behind; check our website to give a totally different look to your creations. Leather bracelets can be perfectly adapted to so many different styles due to the large number of different leather cords and clasps that you can use for create them.

The leather that you see in the previous photo is the Regaliz model, a braid made from round leather cords. It is a top seller and pretty new, the colors you see in the photo correspond to vintage tones (vintage black, vintage brown and vintage blue). The dimensions of the leather in the previous photo correspond to 12 * 6 mm, do not miss it out!

In case you are interested in something more classic, you might like for your creations our Round Nappa leather cord, in this case we had used one of 8mm of thickness, matching with the magnetic clasp MGST 262.

Fortunately, there are plenty materials to choose from. We will hope you feel now more motivated to create some pieces with leather or check our ready leather bracelets, we will attend your orders through our website or whatsapp! If you have any question, please do not hesitate in contact with our team. Thank you for read!

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