Lesser-Known Places in Himachal to Explore

Himachal is a North Indian state. The state is home to many scenic towns and resorts that are yet not explored completely. While you might know about the Solang Valley, Dharamsala, Kasauli, and Manali but you might not have even heard about many other mesmerizing places that exist in Himachal. Here we have curated bundles of unexplored in Himachal that you should explore soon.

Places to Explore in Himachal

1. Sangla

This place is lesser explored by the tourist in Himachal Pradesh. The site is located in the Kinnaur and is one of India’s most mesmerizing places to visit. It could be a perfect gateway destination for all the people who live nearby. There are snow-covered mountains in the backdrop of the place, which makes the place ideal for clicking pictures. The site is also called Baspa Valley as it is home to the Baspa River. The place also has a temple that is dedicated to Nagas. The site also has some of the best attractions that include Kamru Fort, Spni, and Kilba.

2. Barog

While going to Kalka, you can visit Barog on your way. The place falls in the Solan district and is one of the prettiest places to visit, especially on holidays. The place is also an excellent option for honeymooners. It has a captivating ambiance that includes oak forests. The village also gives a view of Churdhar Peak, which means Mountain of Silver Bangle. The place is gradually getting its undue recognition. In case you plan to visit the place, you can book your tickets through Cleartrip and use Cleartrip coupons to get a considerable discount.

3. Barot

While many might get confused between Barog and Barot, both the places are mesmerizing. However, they are different in location. Barot is located in the Mandi district and is perfect for outdoor activities. The place has a number of fishing farms and is also home to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary with several species like Himalayan Black Bears, Himalayan Gorals, and many more to name. It also has a number of trekking trails.

4. Chindi

Chindi is one of the charming destinations that is routed between the Shimala-Mandi highway. The places are located 90 km away from Shimla, making it a perfect place for your honeymoon and holidays with friends. The town is known for many sacred temples such as Mahunag Temple, Kamaksha Devi temple Pangna Killa temple, and many others to name. The place has several treks that include like Bakrote trek.

5. Kalpa

Kalpa is one of the less explored places in Himachal Pradesh; the places is the largest village in Kinnaur and is famous for its lush green and pictures cue places. The place is clad with snow in most of the seasons. And, you can see Kailash Parvat in the background. It also has an exemplary temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva. It has mesmerizing architecture, which makes it one of the beautiful temples in the country.

6. Chitkul

Next in the list of places that one should explore in Himachal Pradesh in Chitkul. This, too, is located in the Kinnaur. The place falls at the Indo-Tibetian border. It is amongst the place in the country that one can visit without a permit. This small village is accompanied by the river Baspa. The valley provides a beautiful view of the orchards, fields, lush green gardens, and the white Himalayas in the backdrop. The valley is also known for its vegetables.

7. Churdhar

Churdhar means ‘Dressed in Moonlight,’ and the place justifies the same. The place is known for its night; as the day ends here, the night shows a different picture with mountains in the background. The place is also ideal for the treks. The Trek from sarain goes through Deodar forests and reaches the ancient temple Srigul. The Trek is 48 km long, and it is worth taking as you will experience the calmness and stillness of the place that would soothe your mind. On the peak of the site, there is a massive statue of Lord Shiva. The peak offers a beautiful view of the town below.

8. Shoja

Many of you might not have heard the name of the place even. The place is near the Jalori Pass. The place is far from all the chaos of the city life and offers much-needed peace and tranquillity. The beautiful place is located in the Seraj Valley. The place also boasts a natural waterfall and a perfect place to view the sunset. You can also enjoy talking about the bath at the site and lazing around while enjoying nature at its best. 

9. Malana

It is a small village that falls in the Kully district. The place is also called the hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh, as the locals of the area believe themselves to be the great Alexander’s descendants. Malana has set administrative laws and practices that are similar to the Greek organizational system. The place is also home to the mesmerizing Deotibba and Chandrakhani that protects the site from foreign invasion.

10. Thanedar

Thanedar is another mesmerizing place in Himachal Pradesh that many do not know. The place is ideal for nature lovers. You would love to have the fresh fruits straight from the orchards. The place has several vegetation, especially apples. The site has a number of resorts that make the perfect place for your stay. During your stay in the resorts, you can view the entire place and enjoy nature. Some of the side attractions you must visit are St. Mary’s Church, Tani-Jubbar Lake, and Nag Devta Temple. The area also gives the stunning of the Himalayas that are covered with snow.


Himachal Pradesh is home to several touristy places amongst which most of the places are less explored. These places are known for their scenic beauty and ideal for your next holiday. In this blog, we have listed some of the breath-taking places in Himachal that one must explore in the lifetime


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