Life expectancy abstracts: Telegenisys creates hundreds of abstracts

Telegenisys creates hundreds of abstracts, each month, from very large medical cases providing precision data for underwriters to generate Mortality and Longevity reports. Our abstracts are generated with advanced software-assisted chronologies to provide a comprehensive view of medical conditions.


Our summaries allow underwriters to evaluate condition onset, the historical development of disease presentation, related conditions, the degree to which treatment is being provided and prognosis by medical professionals. Our staff provides relevant labs, biopsy and radiology backup for disease progression as required by underwriter preference.


Generally, underwriters can move rapidly through their case evaluation without spending time on disorganized medical facts. Telegenisys’ structured abstract helps the underwriter save up to 70% of the time taken to review raw medical records data.

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Medical Abstracts for Life Expectancy Underwriting

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