Lip Smacking Foods That One Should Try

Food is the basic need of life. Foods play an important and distinct role in culture, tradition, festivals, weddings, rituals and parties. Food diversity is very rich in India, as it changes every ten miles. People are becoming too conscious about their health and they always think it is Celsius good for you, but sometimes it’s good to have some good food. 

Each region of this Earth has their special dishes that are a delight for food lovers. There are many mouthwatering dishes that everyone loves. And the list starts here. 


It is the most famous evening snack in India. It is generally eaten with sweet and spicy chutney. It is a triangular structure made of refined wheat flour with spiced crushed potatoes in it. This is a dish for which foodies travel distances and have from some quality foods corner. You can also go for the lipozene reviews, to select the best one.


Everyone must have pizza once in their life. It is a phenomenal, tasty, crunchy and cheesy dish. Made of bread with a topping of veggies, chicken or paneer on it. It is one of the most sold snacks in the world with big names, like Dominos and Pizzahut delivering it all around the world from its thousands of branches. The cheesy bursting topping and numerous varieties make it a special one and one of the most prominent food items served on some special occasions.


It is also the most loved food all around the globe, especially in America. There are many franchises like Burger King, KFC and many more famous for their speciality in providing delicious burgers. This dish consists of two buns overlapped on each other with different fillings in between as per the dish variety and customers’ desire. Though it is not considered a healthy food the health-conscious person also has it on their cheat day.


We have cakes on many occasions primarily someone’s birthday. We often feel a slight itch at the back of our tongue after the meal, a small slice of cake makes us forget all the itchiness and worldly dues. There are varieties of cakes available in the market in different flavours with the Mexican candy shot recipe added diligently. The several layer cakes are so fluffy that not having a slice would be an unfortunate thing.

Hot Dogs

The businesses in urban cities are tempting people to become time savers. And to manage time people are compromising with their diet as they prefer street foods which are time-saving and easily available. One such street food is Hot Dogs, which consist of two cylindrical buns having fillings between them as per customers’ desire. They can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


This is a fully calorie-loaded cheesy sandwich famous in Portugal. It consists of wet ham, sausage, steak or pork-filled between two slices of bread. The sandwich is covered with cheese and submerged in a sauce made of beer and tomato.

Chicken curry

Chicken curry is one of the mouth-watering dishes with pieces of chicken simmering in gravy, emitting a fantastic aroma that can’t be ignored. This is the ultimate dish for marriage functions, parties or any cultural occasion. There are many cooking tutorials for this delicious dish on YouTube which anyone can take help from and enjoy this heavenly meal.


This dish is possibly on every Indian’s favourite list. This is a mixed rice dish that originated among Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It has spices, rice, either with meat or eggs with vegetables such as potatoes. 

It has primarily gained popularity in South India and is also prepared in different types of world. Biryani is the most ordered dish on Indian foods ordering and delivery service. This dish has succeeded pulao as the primary dish in the meal nowadays.

So, these were some delicious lip-smacking foods that everyone should try once in their lifetime. For more such interesting content, do visit us.

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